Virtual Office Program Saves Milwaukee Workers Time and Aggravation

Time Warner Cable Business Class's Solution for Massive Road Construction Overhaul

July, 2013 | Palm Springs, CA



Beginning in the spring of 2004, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation broke ground on the largest public works project in the state’s history. The project involved the Marquette interchange and renovations on three major highways leading into the city of Milwaukee. The project is estimated to take 5-10 years to complete at a cost of over $1 billion. Similar to the Boston’s Big Dig, this road construction project is expected to snarl traffic in the Milwaukee metropolitan area in ways that the community has never seen. The state’s department of transportation issued a plea through the local media to businesses to help reduce commuter traffic.

“Officials encouraged Milwaukee companies to allow Internet-connected employees to work from home at least some of the time in hopes of easing rush-hour traffic congestion during the massive road project.” Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, July 29, 2004.

Once the media picked up the story, this became a pressing issue in the minds of Milwaukee residents and businesses. For businesses this could mean less productive employees with possibly high-turnover rates – neither of which any company could afford. For individuals it would mean more money spent at the pump with rising gas prices.







The Solution

Recognizing that it could offer relief to this potential crisis, Time Warner Cable Business Class developed the “Virtual Office” program – requiring collaboration between private corporations, the City of Milwaukee, and the State of Wisconsin, aimed at reducing the impact of the reconstruction on commuters.

The Time Warner Cable Business Class Virtual Office program focuses on companies that have a need to accommodate employees that work from home. The program also provides communications solutions for employees with after hour responsibilities in emergency and disaster recovery situations. These companies want to extend capabilities and services found in the office to remote locations and have a need for ubiquity, reliability, fast turnaround, flexible terms, capacity, ease of use and functionality. Utilizing the Teleworker Solution from Time Warner Cable Business Class, the Virtual Office program provides high-speed data and managed security offerings to meet the needs of companies and employees.

For a monthly fee, Time Warner Cable Business Class can set up a teleworker solution through a broadband connection for company employees. For smaller businesses, Time Warner Cable Business Class offers a turnkey solution that includes a Virtual Private Network. This configuration ensures security when communicating with the office—a concern when accessing proprietary files and email remotely. Participants in the Virtual Office program will also qualify to receive emission credits as a federal tax benefit.


The Results

Over 30 employers have subscribed to the Virtual Office program since May 2004, with nearly 7,000 employees participating, and more companies joining each day. From major employers like Aurora Healthcare (a large healthcare provider with approximately 23,000 area employees) to smaller businesses like Scribner Cohen (a small accounting company with under ten employees), companies are beginning to see how important this solution is to reducing congestion on the freeway; safeguarding the environment by reducing vehicle emissions; creating cost efficiencies for their company and employees due to rising gas prices; and increase employee flexibility and productivity.

“Time Warner Cable Business Class is able to provide a unique package for both the large and small business broadband user,” said Dan Conrad, vice president, Time Warner Cable Business Class. “During this time of reconstruction in Milwaukee, we are proud to serve a vital role in preventing congestion, increasing productivity and protecting the environment.”


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