City of Wauwatosa Triples Data Speed and Bolsters Network Protection with SSL-VPN-based Managed Security from Time Warner Cable Business Classs

They May Not Realize It, But the Employees of the City of Wauwatosa Rely on Tom Otzelberger Every Day

July, 2013 | Wauwatosa, WI


City of Wauwatosa | Time Warner Cable Business Class

As the IT manager for Wauwatosa, a Milwaukee suburb of 47,000 residents, Otzelberger plays a key role behind the scenes. He and his staff are responsible for managing the telecommunications network that supports hundreds of desktop computers, laptops and other essential equipment used by city employees. These workers staff three fire stations, one police station, an offsite police booking room and all of the Wisconsin city’s central offices.

“Anything IT-related is under our umbrella,” said Otzelberger, a 19-year veteran of the Wauwatosa government staff. “In an organization such as ours, we each have to wear a lot of hats. And we always have to try to get the most we can out of our budget.”

That need for efficiency was one reason why Otzelberger became concerned that his telecommunications infrastructure needed to be improved. In particular, he felt that his network firewall and managed security vendors were underperforming for the amount of money being spent. The quality of service was spotty, customer care was inconsistent and slow to respond – and the networking monitoring services were increasingly expensive.

So, when his firewall/managed security contract was up for renewal, Otzelberger decided to review his options.







Ian Favill, account executive for Time Warner Cable Business Class (TWCBC), answered the call with a Managed Security proposal. While TWCBC was already providing network redundancy for the City via its high-speed, hybrid fiber-coaxial network, Otzelberger was initially skeptical.

“The proposal had everything I needed,” he noted. “But you wonder, ‘Can they deliver?’ ”He would soon find out.

Otzelberger decided to sign on, and within weeks TWCBC field technicians and engineers seamlessly converted the City of Wauwatosa from its previous solution to TWCBC’s Managed Security service. A key component of the service was an innovative, hardware based secure socket layer virtual private network (SSL-VPN).

An advanced, but easy-to-deploy service, Managed Security ensures that authorized users can access the City’s in-house network applications – servers, email, directories, file sharing, databases, remote management tools – using any standard Internet browser from any computer. Thanks to such advanced tools as data and user authentication, encryption and firewalls, the SSL-VPN provides the highest levels of security in a simple, easy-to-access system.

“The advantage of an SSL-VPN is that end users do not need to install client software on remote computers, and that authorized users can securely – but easily – access the network at any time,” explained Favill.


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