Fiber-Based Voice and Data Services Strengthen a Company’s Key Differentiator: Reliability

June 2016



With customers relying on Dependable Express to deliver everything from online orders for retailers like Target and Pier I, to oil rig equipment and life-saving medical devices, the company’s voice communications and Internet connectivity simply can’t go down. That’s why Dependable Express relies on fiber-based Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) and SIP Trunk Service from Time Warner Cable Business Class (TWCBC).

Mission-critical connectivity for both voice and data

High-speed DIA connects the company’s 30 employees, 100 drivers and multiple office and warehouse locations with cloud-based business applications and GPS logistics. SIP Trunk Service reduces Dependable’s voice service costs while improving call quality and reliability and enabling staff to manage the business from home during bad weather. Plus, the ability to add DIA bandwidth and SIP call paths as needed is giving Dependable Express a right-sized voice and data solution that’s ready to grow.

Can insights from Dependable Express’ partnership with TWCBC enhance your own success?

Dependable Express is a TWCBC customer since 2009.

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