Fiber Ethernet Broadens Horizons for the Harlem Commonwealth Council

April 2016



Harlem Commonwealth Council (HCC) is a community development organization that supports Harlem’s businesses and residents. HCC found itself struggling with outdated technology as digital skills, social media and texting revolutionized education, job training and community engagement. Unfortunately, the nonprofit was located in an old building without access to fiber. HCC reached out to Time Warner Cable Business Class (TWCBC).

Connectivity opens new opportunities

HCC is using fiber’s connectivity and capacity as a platform for exploring new programs to benefit the community—including how to use the organization’s existing job-training technology lab to create innovative internship programs for high schoolers, Millennials and even older Harlem residents.

Can insights from Harlem Commonwealth Council’s partnership with TWCBC enhance your own success?

Harlem Commonwealth Council is a TWCBC customer since 2013.

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