La Pulperia Cooks Up a Unique Dining Experience With Help From Time Warner Cable Business Class

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It’s no small feat to open a successful restaurant in one of the culinary capitals of the world – not to mention two. But longtime friends and restaurant industry veterans Carlos Barroz and Victor Medina did just that with La Pulperia, their popular rustic, Latin American restaurant concept with two bustling locations in Midtown and on the Upper East Side in New York City.

The business partners opened the restaurant in 2014 to offer patrons a unique dining experience with cuisine from many different countries. Barroz and Medina were inspired to create a joyous, comfortable space like that of the authentic pulperias – or “general stores” – of South America, where everyone can gather to eat, drink and dance. As Barroz says, “We try to create a good ambiance and make people happy."

Customers visit from far and wide for favorites like Pacu Fish Ribs, Moqueca and their famous Salmon Brulee. But La Pulperia offers more than just flavorful food – it offers a full experience for its customers, with regular mixology and cooking classes, live music and more.








When Barroz and Medina decided to open their business, they called Time Warner Cable Business Class based on a recommendation from another restaurant owner. They were interested in getting all the services they needed – Internet, WiFi, Phone and Cable TV – and paying just one bill from one provider.

As Medina says, “We chose to bundle all the services because it’s very easy for us to rely on one company for everything. It’s a better value.”

La Pulperia relies on Time Warner Cable Business Class services every day, not only to provide television and WiFi to its customers, but also to serve the needs of its growing business. This has allowed Barroz and Medina to lower their overhead while maximizing every opportunity that comes their way.

“We use the high-speed Internet in so many ways – for reservations, credit cards, social media, streaming music and researching recipes,” Medina says. He also refers to the phone service as “indispensable” for the business:

“Call forwarding is my favorite tool. We have two restaurants, and we used to pay an extra person to be in the office just to answer the phones.”


For Barroz and Medina, each day presents a new opportunity for success. They turned their passion into an American dream – in 10 short years they went from simply working in restaurants to owning two thriving eateries in a foodie mecca. In the next five to 10 years, they hope to open several more.

Much of their success can be attributed to continually creating special experiences for their customers. But it’s also the result of making smart choices and having the right business relationships in place.

As Medina says, “We‘re in an era of technology, and that’s why we chose Time Warner Cable Business Class. They provide everything a restaurant business needs.”

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