Liberty Ford Relies on Time Warner Cable Business Class Fiber for Uninterrupted Connectivity and Success

November 2013 | Vermillion, OH



Liberty Ford opened its first dealership in Vermillion, Ohio, in 1980. Since then, the Liberty Auto Group has expanded into one of the nation’s largest Ford dealerships, with five high-volume locations across the state and nearly 400 employees in sales, service and parts operations.

To support its staff and customers at all its locations, Liberty Ford depends on reliable, uninterrupted voice and Internet connectivity. Before partnering with Time Warner Cable Business Class (TWCBC), the company was at the mercy of Ohio’s unpredictable weather, as well as unreliable Internet connectivity provided by a large phone company. What’s more, Liberty Ford’s existing Internet service provider did not have the infrastructure or the flexibility to support Liberty Ford’s continued growth.

As a result, Liberty Ford frequently found itself losing phone and Internet service at multiple locations, which brought sales and connectivity to a halt. This downtime was unacceptable, costing the company significant amounts of lost productivity and revenue.

Ray Warner, Liberty Ford’s Director of MIS and Purchasing, explains, “The biggest technical challenge in our industry is the fact that everything’s done over the Web, from getting program updates from Ford to receiving and processing customer credit applications. Downtime is simply unacceptable.”

Reliable Internet connectivity is crucial for all the dealership’s departments as well.

“All of our business units rely on seamless connectivity to personnel and systems,” says Dustin Peugeot, Liberty Ford’s General Manager. “The service department accesses diagnostic information, the parts department procures inventory, accounting and payroll manages the finances, and employees clock in and out over the Web. Our technology infrastructure is the backbone of everything we do.”

Having reliable voice and Internet connectivity is equally important for customer communications.

“Post sale it’s critical to follow up with customers to make sure they’re happy,” Warner explains. “You also need to make sure customers are able to get their vehicle in and serviced when they need it, and ensure they’re satisfied with the work they receive. All of this takes scheduling and communication built on a reliable platform.”


Given the dealership’s current copper-based phone and Internet unreliability, Warner knew he had to make a change. “I realized fiber in the state of Ohio was the only way to go,” he says. “We live in a great state where the only guarantee is that our weather has no guarantees.”

After exploring the options, Warner and Liberty Ford ended its contract with the phone company and switched to TWCBC’s fiber solution. Unlike the phone company, TWCBC already has a fiber backbone in place, so Warner knew that as Liberty Ford continued to expand and evolve, TWCBC would be able to quickly scale its infrastructure in pace.

Liberty Ford now has an Ethernet Local Area Network (ELAN) service connecting all its locations, and up to 10 Mbps Dedicated Internet Access. Additionally, its Primary Rate Interface (PRI) service delivers reliable voice connectivity throughout all locations. Further, the dealership provides Wi-Fi Internet access and Television to enhance the customer experience.

“The decision to switch to fiber was a critical but easy one,” says Warner. “From cost containment to reliability and bandwidth, it’s all about the fiber.”






Warner has been very pleased with TWCBC-delivered connectivity and performance. The high-speed and high-bandwidth fiber connection has benefited Liberty Ford with reliable voice service, non-stop data flow and uninterrupted online transactions. When inclement weather hits, Warner remains confident his phone and Internet connectivity – and the access to data and cloud-based applications it enables – will remain up and running.

“We recently had 17 days of rain,” Warner recalls. “With the PRIs, I didn’t worry once. Prior to our switch to TWCBC, I wouldn’t sleep at night. TWCBC’s PRIs performed flawlessly through all this weather we had. Knowing our fiber is not impacted by weather, electricity outages, or other conditions that can adversely affect traditional copper gives me peace of mind.”

Warner has also been impressed with the ease and responsiveness of working with his TWCBC account executive for all service and support needs. “Whenever I’ve had to upgrade or change anything, it was simply a matter of contacting my rep and everything was taken care of quickly and professionally.

“My TWCBC rep knows exactly where to go and how to get everything done as quickly and efficiently as possible. It’s so much better than having half a dozen reps or a rep for each store. It frees my time to focus on business-enhancing projects.”

Beyond exceeding the company’s expectations, Peugeot concludes that TWCBC’s competitively priced solutions deliver measurable ROI.

“Of course cost is always a factor with decisions like this,” says Peugeot. “TWCBC provides us tremendous value for what we receive. The fact that we always have reliable, high-capacity connectivity in all our locations ensures we can operate at peak capacity, which translates into productivity and revenue.”


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