School District Maximizes Technology Budget with Blazing Fast, High-Bandwidth Network from TWCBC

February, 2012 | Orange County, CA


The post-recession reality for most organizations is crystal clear – cost control is more important than ever.

This is especially true for taxpayer-funded entities, like the Los Alamitos Unified School District, which serves 9,600 students in 10 schools in Orange County, Calif.

John Spiratos, the Director of Information Technology, knew that to implement the district’s aggressive technology infrastructure upgrade plan he would have to maximize the value of every dollar spent.

“While our primary goal is to make sure our students have the best resources for a great education, cost was a very important factor,” explained Spiratos. “I had to find a way to upgrade our older network technology while cutting back on cost.”

A key element in the Los Alamitos technology plan was to install a high-speed, reliable network that would connect each school’s local area network with the district’s central office-managed wide area network. The district’s existing T-1 lines were outdated, expensive and inconsistent, so any network change-out would need to adequately address those complex issues.







Spiratos, after a scrutinizing bid process, selected Time Warner Cable Business Class (TWCBC) for the district’s new network. TWCBC, which had recently invested $120 million to extend its broadband communications network throughout Southern California was an easy choice.

“TWCBC stood out from the other providers, both in how the sale steam understood our network needs and our cost requirements," added Spiratos, who had used TWCBC’s services while working with a previous employer.

Now, each Los Alamitos school enjoys up to a 100 Mbps point-to-point Metro Ethernet connection over Time Warner Cable’s wholly owned fiber-rich network; in addition, the central office maintains up to a 300 Mbps point-to-point Metro Ethernet connection to Orange County Department of Education offices in Costa Mesa.

The schools use the network to connect to the central office servers and routers to access the county’s financial reporting, & human resources and other database systems. But the real benefit is a richer Internet experience, including the liberal use of video conferencing and educational video streaming applications.

TWCBC provides end-to-end network monitoring, and Metro Ethernet’s Layer 2 transmission and performance advantages are important benefits for Los Alamitos. Also, Ethernet services allow the district to reduce capital outlays by centralizing routers, switches and hardware.

TWCBC has been recognized for its carrier-class Ethernet networks, being one of the first service providers to earn MEF 14 Certification compliance from the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF). Spiratos appreciates the scalability of the Ethernet connections, which allow the district to easily adjust bandwidth requirements as needed.

“With more computers and devices in the classrooms – even iPads and mobile devices – we know our Internet capabilities will need to grow,” explained Spiratos. “I know Time Warner Cable Business Class will grow right along with us.”

The high-bandwidth network also supports about 100 phone lines through TWCBC’s Business Class Phone service, which enables IP-based telephony – and that further maximizes the district’s financial savings.

Spiratos noted that the superintendent and board members of the Los Alamitos Unified School District were instrumental in catalyzing the plan to upgrade the IT infrastructure, thus paving the way for blazing-fast network connectivity from TWCBC.

He also was successful in qualifying for federal E-Rate and California Teleconnect Funding resources. Those significant discounts, coupled with TWCBC’s pricing model, have given Los Alamitos even more value for its technology spent.

“Now, our students and teachers have the instructional tools they need to be successful and will be prepared for new future technology,” Spiratos remarked.


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