TWCBC Network Upgrade, Lower Costs are Perfect Prescription for Dallas-Based Medical Staffing Company

A Company That Prides Itself on Providing High-Touch Customer Care Was Receiving Precious Little of it from Its Former Telecom Provider

June 2012 | Dallas, TX



According to Brian Kleinfall, IT director for Dallas-based Medical Contracting Services, Inc. (MCS), he tried for more than six months to re-negotiate service levels and pricing from the provider, one of the nation’s largest telecom companies.







He found it at Time Warner Cable Business Class (TWCBC), the commercial arm of Time Warner Cable. Due to a Texas network expansion project, TWCBC had just extended its wholly-owned, fiberbased, high-speed network into the North Central Expressway multitenant building where MCS is headquartered. As a result, Kleinfall got all of the services he wanted at a price that was 2/3 less than the previous provider had charged.







As a full-service medical staffing company that specializes in placing radiology technicians, MCS relies heavily on its network’s voice services, which must be flexible and reliable to accommodate its telemarketing efforts and in-bound calls from clients and job candidates.







The Solution

MCS now uses TWCBC’s Business Class PRI (Primary Rate Interface) service, an IP-enabled voice solution that operates over the Time Warner Cable network. Voice IP signals are converted into PRI protocol, enabling MCS to use its existing equipment and keep existing telephone numbers – making it a highly-reliable and cost-effective service.

Another vital communications vehicle for MCS is its website, especially in recent months with the launch of a new online staffing solution for medical personnel called Created to increase savings to facilities and help compensate healthcare professionals to the greatest extent of their value during the placement process, virtually eliminates the traditional “middleman” in placement efforts.

For and other data communications services, Kleinfall uses TWCBC’s Dedicated Internet Access service, at an up to 10 Mbps connection speed. DIA delivers a continuously protected link between the MCS local area network (LAN) and the Internet. The service is designed for offices with more than 20 users or using technology requiring high availability and low latency such as servers or audio conferencing.

In addition, MCS has a third service bundled on its network, Cable TV that is used in various locations throughout their offices.



While extremely satisfied by the significant financial savings and the quality of the TWCBC services, Kleinfall admitted that he wondered if the company’s customer care capabilities would be an improvement over its slow-responding predecessor. He found out, soon after, that he had nothing to worry about.

During construction elsewhere in the MCS building, a circuit breaker was turned off and the network went down. Within minutes, as originally promised, Kleinfall received a phone call from a Time Warner Cable technician who notified him of the problem and assisted MCS to check on status.







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