Time Warner Cable Business Class Fiber Scores a Touchdown for Wisconsin-Based Miron Construction

July, 2013 | Neenah, WI



Miron Construction Co., Inc. has provided state-of-the-art construction services throughout the Midwest and Nation since it was founded in 1918. Miron employs more than 1,000 people between its corporate office in Neenah, WI, six satellite offices across Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan and Minnesota and countless project sites.

In a fortunate coincidence, Time Warner Cable Business Class (TWCBC) had hired Miron to perform the construction work for TWCBC’s new centralized Midwest office location. During that process, Miron and TWCBC executives discussed possibilities of a business partnership. It quickly became obvious to Edward Ruffolo, Miron’s Director of Technology that TWCBC’s wholly-owned, fiber-rich network was the right replacement for their legacy T-1 infrastructure. Miron’s rapidly growing bandwidth needs required a reliable, scalable, secure and cost-effective solution such as the one proposed by TWCBC.








Miron replaced legacy T-1s with TWCBC’s Ethernet Local Area Network (ELAN) multipoint-to-multipoint managed network configuration, which includes 10 and 20 Mbps circuits based on the location requirements. This has enabled centralization at their data center facility of applications, servers and terabytes of data storage that was formerly stored at eleven locations. Additionally, this robust network solution provides a 100 Mbps Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) circuit at Miron’s corporate office. Thanks to TWCBC, Miron now has a disaster recovery plan for long-term resiliency and growth.

“We’ve been very happy because you can get so much more capacity and speed [with TWCBC] for really the same cost as traditional T-1s,” said Ruffolo. “It has really opened up a large world of new applications for us.”








Employees can fill out their timecards online, which helps Miron pay them in accordance with union rules. Supervisors can better exchange information such as daily project reports that include updates for equipment utilization and change orders that help manage the flow of construction activity. Daily and weekly safety audits at remote project sites can now be completed electronically. This means more operational efficiency and great profitability for Miron.

“Being able to get information out to project sites quickly and reliably keeps all of our projects running on time and on schedule,” Ruffolo said.

One of Miron’s highest profile project sites is the stadium improvement projects taking place at Lambeau Field, home of the world-famous and locally-worshipped Green Bay Packers. The $140 million Lambeau Field expansion project requires Miron to perform at a high level under the watchful eye of thousands of Packers fans.

TWCBC’s high capacity and low latency fiber-based services enable Miron to turn a construction site, even one as large as Lambeau Field, into a virtual office. The ELAN circuits enable seamless use of applications at the Lambeau construction site. This includes construction mapping and sharing of large CAD files, as well as email, VPN and VOIP phone service. “It’s really just like never leaving the office,” Ruffolo said.

The installation of TWCBC services went very smoothly and on-time, thanks to the efforts of Major Account Executive Katherine Bengel, who has also provided superior post-install support.

“Like a good quarterback, she’ll assemble the right technical team, put it together, and then come up with a good solution,” Ruffolo said. “So far, we’ve never had to re-engineer a solution, so it’s been going well.”

TWCBC’s robust network backbone provides the ability to scale up bandwidth to 1 Gbps in a matter of days. When Miron upgrades their TWCBC services to a 1 Gbps circuit, they expect to implement a new enterprise resource planning system to be nearly paperless. “There will be no more paper and that’s all going to run over the TWCBC backbone,” said Ruffolo.

TWCBC’s partnership with Miron is helping the company grow its business and meet and exceed its customers’ expectations, including the Green Bay Packers. That’s one assignment nobody wants to fumble.


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