MOJO Sportsgear Delivers an All-Star Performance with Time Warner Cable Business Class

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What does it take to build a winning team? For three longtime friends who became partners in the sports apparel industry, the answer is simple: teamwork, passion and a whole lot of “Mojo.”

Mark Witte, Tracy Seitzer and Jeff Farina teamed up to build their business, MOJO Sportsgear, a custom screen-printing and embroidery company based in Columbus, Ohio. The business specializes in designing and producing eye-catching apparel and sports gear for sports teams and corporations.

The partners are always working to build a collaborative environment that encourages teamwork and sparks creativity, and it’s immediately apparent in their workspace, where spools of colorful threads for embroidery and vibrantly colored paint tins line the walls. And just as with any winning sports team, MOJO Sportsgear knows that recruiting the right players for the business is key.








The partners of MOJO Sportsgear referred to Time Warner Cable Business Class as the “perfect fit” for their business, as they rely heavily on technology to power many facets of their business operations.

“It was an easy decision to bundle Internet, TV, WiFi and Phone for the convenience and price,” Seitzer says. “But we also chose them for their dependability and reliable service.”

WiFi access gives Farina and employees the mobility and flexibility to track orders and check emails but “still be in the trenches with my people,” he says. And when your company’s success centers on production and customer satisfaction, he says, you can’t afford for your Internet service to be down for even a minute.

“I’d say 75% of our business is done on the website. Customers can choose artwork from our site. They are also able to review and approve our designs using our online proofing system,” Seitzer says. Reliable connectivity and bandwidth are critical at MOJO Sportsgear, because their internal, web-based production boards help them track everything in the production and art departments, from ordering to receiving and shipping.

Time Warner Cable Business Class was also a key player in ensuring a seamless transition when MOJO Sportsgear moved offices, helping to port numbers over. “No one else was able to accommodate that,” Seitzer says. “That was a good thing, and important to us that we maintained those same phone numbers.” Meanwhile, during breaks or lunch, all of the employees enjoy watching cable TV – which is showing sports more often than not.


The co-owners at MOJO Sportsgear are interested in growing their business to offer more products and expand their own line of apparel. A large part of the company’s success comes from their passion for the work and their focus on serving customers’ needs.

“We just love being able to go to the ballpark, to see teams wear our gear and catch the buzz from the stands,” says Witte. “That’s the passion that keeps us going: to strive to be the best and to work with a team of people who are all working toward the same goals.”

Through the years, they’ve been with Time Warner Cable Business Class for the very same reasons. As Witte explains, “We stay loyal to Time Warner Cable Business Class because they take care of all our needs.”

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