Beekman 1802 Harvests Continued Success Through Partnership With Time Warner Cable Business Class

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In less than a year since the Beekman 1802 team was first featured in a customer-based advertising campaign in 2014, owners Brent Ridge and Josh Kilmer-Purcell have seen tremendous growth in their lifestyle-based e-commerce and retail business in Sharon Springs, New York. They’ve charted a double-digit percentage growth in sales, tripled their staff and expanded sales of their products into 1,500 Target stores.

“A lot of that is due to Time Warner Cable Business Class and the Time Warner Cable Business Class commercial,” says Ridge. “That really helped. We know we have a great product and we have a great story, we just need help getting that story out.”








With a vast majority of their business attributed to online sales, Beekman 1802 continues to rely on high-speed Internet from Time Warner Cable Business Class to manage the increasing demand. Ridge and Kilmer-Purcell also credit a large part of their success to their personal approach to customer interaction through social media, to which they always stay connected – even outside of traditional business hours.

“We don’t have regular store hours. We’re open 24/7, so we need reliability to be online 24/7,” Kilmer-Purcell says. “We see social media as standing behind the counter. You’re talking to the person on the other side, and it doesn’t matter if it’s one customer or a quarter of a million customers, you have to stand behind that counter and talk to them personally.”


Reliable connectivity is more important than ever as their business continues to grow. Their product offerings have expanded from simple seasonal goods to include a foray into bedding, furniture and home décor, along with an upcoming magazine launch.

“I think equally as valuable as our product retail partners has been Time Warner Cable Business Class as a partner,” says Kilmer-Purcell. “Since we’ve done the commercial last year, we’ve had so many people Facebook and email, and say ‘I found you through theTime Warner Cable Business Class commercial, I watched it, I love you and the goats.’ And then every time Time Warner Cable Business Class re-tweets something or tweets something out, we re-tweet it, and our followers love it. It’s been a great partnership.

”During their most successful holiday season to date, Beekman 1802 added two additional Business Class Phone lines to manage their increased call volume, taking advantage of Voice Manager features like Hunt Groups to continuously roll their calls to ensure customers could speak with a live person.

“We’ve seen phenomenal growth in the last ten months,” says Ridge. “We let the growth of our company speak for our successful partnership with Time Warner Cable Business Class. [They are] essential to how our business functions.”


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