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New York Law School Testifies to Success of Metro Ethernet Deployment

Time Warner Cable Business Class Delivers High-Speed Connections for Complex Campus

February, 2012 | New York, NY



Well, it sounded simple. All John Southard needed to do was cross the street.

But that can sometimes be a treacherous endeavor in the heart of Manhattan’s vibrant TriBeca neighborhood. Especially when what needs to make the trip is a high-speed communications network. Upgrading and enhancing the network was an essential component to a major construction project on the campus of one of the nation’s oldest and most prestigious law schools (New York Law School), requiring that new and existing buildings – not to mention some temporary facilities – were connected with the main campus at all times.

Mr. Southard, the CIO of New York Law School, had to tackle this major task in a very compressed time frame. “We needed to build a network in the middle of the busiest city on the planet,” he recalled. “And we needed it quickly.”

Flexibility was paramount, as a new academic building was being constructed in multiple phases, while existing buildings were being renovated. Temporary shifting of some departments to buildings off campus was also part of the plan.

Mr. Southard’s need called for, as he described it, a “truly flexible, scalable, redundant and self-healing alternative urban infrastructure” to enable New York Law School to extend its local area network (LAN) environment across the wide-area network (WAN). He approached a number of providers, including Time Warner Cable Business Class, which has fiber in a large portion of buildings and conduit access to nearly all commercial buildings, from 86th Street to lower Manhattan.

He quickly chose Time Warner Cable, which didn’t flinch at the tricky and time-sensitive requirements the project presented.







The Solution

A Time Warner Cable Business Class team quickly assessed the situation, and – working in collaboration with Mr. Southard and his IT team – determined that the New York Law School’s need for flexibility and scalability for its multi-location, campus-wide network mandated a carrier-class Metro Ethernet solution.

Like many of its other bandwidth-hungry education and healthcare customers with satellite offices or facilities that lie within and outside a main campus, Time Warner Cable maintained that New York Law School would best be served by Metro Ethernet, as it improves network performance as well as provides rapid deployment and efficient bandwidth allocation.

Time Warner Cable built a 12-strand fiber-managed service off of its dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) backbone, running it into a resilient packet ring (local fiber loop). Time Warner Cable also provided a dedicated, 100 mb/sec service to a remote residence hall. The resultant Ethernet LAN (E-LAN) service connected all of the school’s disparate locations within a LAN, allowing speeds up to 1 Gbps.

Integral to the success of the project was the Time Warner Cable team’s willingness to tackle numerous logistical and local government-mandated issues, including ensuring that the approvals for the completion of necessary street digging occurred before a city-mandated six-week winter season moratorium was implemented.

Bhupender Kaul, Vice President of Time Warner Cable Commercial Services in New York City, said that the ability to offer Ethernet services to higher education institutions such as New York Law School is essential in today’s dynamic communications environment. “Our ongoing goal is to help New York Law School, and all customers, maximize the effectiveness of their networks,” Kaul explained. “Reliable Ethernet services give our customers an important and cost-effective advantage.

”Metro Ethernet can be used over Ethernet interfaces and is scalable to support businesses of all sizes. The point-to-point, point-to-multipoint and multipoint-to-multipoint fiber optic connectivity provide high-capacity links between multiple offices over existing Ethernet lines – meaning customers will have a dedicated fiber connection, not a shared network that requires costly and complicated upgrades.

Time Warner Cable Business Class networks are Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF)-certified and compliant, enabling Time Warner Cable to provide a full portfolio of Ethernet services, including EPL, EVPL, and E-LAN. The certification ensures customers that Time Warner Cable’s Ethernet private lines provide reliable and consistent high-bandwidth services to connect LAN and WAN environments.



New York Law School’s Metro Ethernet LAN/WAN, a campus-wide network that connected the new building with existing and temporary facilities, was in place before the deadline. It worked flawlessly throughout the varied additions and adjustments that occurred in the campus building and renovation process.

Equally important, the network infrastructure has allowed New York Law School to subsequently deploy applications that are cutting edge and critical to meeting the school’s growing communications needs – vital in the delivery of its academic mission.“

The Time Warner Cable Business Class team listened, designed, and built an alternative urban infrastructure to our current diverse and changing physical plant in a time frame that everyone else said couldn’t be done,” Mr. Southard recalled. “They moved heaven and earth to meet impossible deadlines. The network they’ve designed and implemented is the communications foundation that will enable us to build our campus of the future.” The Time Warner Cable solution also met cost requirements for New York Law School. Mr. Southard noted: “I was extremely pleased with Time Warner Cable’s price point, which has set a new standard for ISP providers to try and match.”

As for the future, Mr. Southard is confident that his partnership with Time Warner Cable will continue to grow and evolve along with the communications needs of New York Law School – especially if that means having to cross some busy Manhattan streets once again.


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