Time Warner Cable Business Class Helps Lead the Pack at Paw Beach Pet Resort

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Karen Simmons has mastered the art of 5-star treatment at her luxurious resort. Her guests are offered handmade gourmet treats, salon services and a saltwater pool, among other amenities. But her clientele aren’t whom you might expect – they’re mostly dogs. Simmons owns Paw Beach Pet Resort in Wilmington, North Carolina, a quality interactive dog day care and luxury pet lodge.

“We saw a need for a different type of pet lodging in Wilmington, and that was really our motivation: to develop a business that we could enjoy and love, (where) people would trust us with their pets,” Simmons says. “We get to create a great atmosphere for dogs and cats. Some days are messier than others, but I love it every day.

”The resort boasts more than 60 private canine luxury suites and a special feline section they call “Katmandu,” along with a staff of 25 trained animal care professionals. It’s an extremely active and hands-on business, but management is a walk in the park, Simmons says, with communications services and support from Time Warner Cable Business Class.








Reliable Business Internet lets Simmons utilize high-bandwidth applications such as live webcam streaming so that pet parents can remotely watch their animals at play. Simmons also depends on high-speed connectivity to power her day-to-day operations, whether emailing employee schedules or uploading photos and doggie “vacation postcards” to Paw Beach Pet Resort social media channels. Their three Business Class phone lines with unlimited nationwide long distance let employees field reservation calls, contact animal care partners and give status updates on guests.

“We’ve also had calls from the Netherlands, from Australia,” Simmons mused. “Time Warner Cable Business Class allows us to connect with our clients and be the kind of business we want to be on all fronts, from productivity to efficiency to speed.”


Simmons explained that bundling her Business Class Phone and Internet services, receiving a single bill and having a single point of contact “make [her] processes even speedier.” Because Paw Beach Pet Resort depends on Time Warner Cable Business Class to provide reliable connectivity services, they are free to focus their attention on providing the highest quality pet care experience possible. When they transitioned from a slower Internet service provider, employees and clients alike immediately noticed the vast improvements in the quality of their live webcam feeds.

“When we switched, literally within half an hour, one of our clients posted on social media, ‘The new webcams are great’ – she thought we’d changed the cameras. With the new speed, the dogs look like they do in real life now. She of course didn’t realize that it was in fact due to switching to Time Warner Cable Business Class.”

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