Pedego Electric Bikes of Greater Long Beach Shifts into High Gear with Time Warner Cable Business Class

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When Brian Ballard and Beth Black opened their electric bike shop, their mission was simple: to share the joy of riding with as many people as they could.

Unwilling to be held back by his health, Ballard discovered Pedego electric bikes enabled him to more safely enjoy his hobby of biking. With a desire to make biking accessible to as many in the community as possible, the pair opened Pedego Electric Bikes of Greater Long Beach in Seal Beach, Calif.

“We have people in their twenties and people all the way up to 82 years old. We have people that haven’t biked in a long time who’ve been afraid to get back on a bicycle,” says Ballard. “These bicycles get people on bikes to have fun again, they feel like a kid again.”

The shop has already gained a large following with its central location to two counties and some of the most bike-friendly cities in the country. Since opening in 2013, Pedego has relied on Time Warner Cable Business Class to help grow their small business and expand their presence in the community.








Pedego depends on Business Internet from Time Warner Cable Business Class to get the word out in the community about electric biking. Ballard and Black can easily upload large video files to their website, help customers create their custom bike design on tablets in the store or post on social media – all from the shop at any time. Black says one of the biggest benefits their 10 Mbps Business Internet gives them is the ability to multitask.

“Someone might be working with the clerk to go through the cash register…and another one wants to see pictures of the bike and another wants to see video,” says Black. “The high-speed Internet allows us to be more efficient because fun doesn’t wait in line.”

Ballard and Black rely on unlimited nationwide calling on their Business Phone Service to connect with vendors and customers throughout the country. A Time Warner Cable Business Class field technician ensured the installation of a second phone line was quick and seamless, says Ballard, who uses the line for secure authorization of security deposits from rental customers.



Prompt and courteous customer service is only one of the many reasons Ballard and Black said they recommend Time Warner Cable Business Class to other small businesses. The pair said their highly reliable Business Class services were “monumental” in helping Pedego Electric Bikes of Greater Long Beach get started, and in continuing to expand their presence in Southern California and beyond.

“Services like Time Warner Cable Business Class would be easy to take for granted. In today’s business, we rely on that without thinking,” says Ballard. “If that wasn’t there, we would not be able to operate the way we do today.”


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