Pop Karma Keeps Business Popping with the Help of Time Warner Cable Business Class

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The idea of “karma” – that all actions have consequences – is one that Jean Tsai firmly believes in. The foods that people consume are no exception to this rule, says Tsai, so the lifelong snacker and self-proclaimed “junk food junkie” went on a mission to develop a snack that is healthy and delicious.

“I knew that I wanted a snack that was healthy with ingredients that could be naturally produced,” explains Tsai. “Popcorn is a wonderful canvas. It’s a whole food. All you have to do is blow hot air on it, and then you have a great snack. You can build a lot of flavors.”

Tsai opened her first Pop Karma store in 2012, and has since expanded into two successful storefronts located on the Lower East Side and at Fulton Center in New York City. Pop Karma has a corporate customer following, along with walk-ins and tourists – all backed by a thriving e-commerce and catering operation. Tsai and her team have developed a roster of over 25 mouthwatering flavors for sweet and savory fans alike, from classics like cheddar and caramel to the more daring, including bacon apple bourbon or their cult-favorite Kyoto mix of miso and seaweed.








Time Warner Cable Business Class helps her “be in two places at one time,” Tsai says. She uses her reliable phone service and voicemail to ensure she never misses an order when she’s out on a catering job or between store locations.

Meanwhile, high-speed Internet allows Jean to keep an eye on the live webcam feed from both stores to monitor store traffic and inventory levels to ensure business is running smoothly. Reliable connectivity and bandwidth also allow Pop Karma to efficiently manage social media, email, marketing, inventory and, in particular, their online store.

“Our online store is a critical component of what we do,” explains Tsai. “We ship nationally, and high-speed Internet is important for that in terms of just making sure we are on top of all of our orders.”


Tsai says Time Warner Cable Business Class has been by her side from the very beginning and were “defi nitely the most hands-on and responsive,” as she prepared to open each store. “Having people call you back – that was a nice thing,” explains Tsai. “They were very professional.”

Since then, Time Warner Cable Business Class has provided the technology and service to help Tsai successfully manage all of her business needs – both brick and mortar and online. By bundling high-speed Internet, WiFi LAN, and Business Class Phone services from Time Warner Cable Business Class at both stores, Tsai is able to spend less time paying bills, and more time staying ahead of customer needs.

“Technology is so important to us in maintaining communication between our two locations. We needed a reliable provider, which is why we chose Time Warner Cable Business Class.”

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