Robo 3D Transforms Ideas Into Reality With Time Warner Cable Business Class

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Fascinated by 3D printing and the endless possibilities it offers, Robo 3D co-founders Braydon Moreno and Coby Kabili set out in 2013 to make 3D printers accessible for all. They have since expanded their facilities, grown their staff and sold printers in over 2,400 cities worldwide, and helped produce everything from material prototypes of new products to actual prosthetic limbs for children.

“There’s new players coming into the space every day,” says Moreno. “So being innovative is essential to our success moving forward.”

Robo 3D is a young company that moves fast, says Moreno, from the rate at which they bring ideas to life down to the speed of the scooters and hoverboards employees use inside their San Diego, California-based office. In need of a communications provider to match the pace of their rapidly growing global enterprise, Robo 3D turned to Time Warner Cable Business Class to deliver the fast, dependable connectivity solutions that allow them to continue changing the world, one 3D model at a time.








Time Warner Cable Business Class has been an integral part of making sure Robo 3D always stays connected, says Moreno. Two reliable Business Class Phone lines connect Robo 3D to customers around the world in need of sales and technical support. WiFi LAN further enables their collaborative work environment, helping them quickly transfer large design files on their tablets from anywhere in the office, or supporting the use of mobile devices for day-to-day operations like payment processing.

But what truly sets Robo 3D apart from others in the industry is their ability to humanize their company, says Moreno. High-speed, reliable Business Internet enables them to build their brand with frequent website and social media updates, while also supporting their live video technical support with customers and resellers around the globe.

“Being able to talk with someone and communicate with a real person – customers love it,” raves Moreno. “Having high-speed Internet makes that work pretty fluid, and it’s something we’ll continue to grow as the business grows.”  


As Robo 3D outgrew their old offices, Time Warner Cable Business Class seamlessly transferred all their services and equipment with each move. Moreno says their technician is “always there to help us so we never have down time,” and it’s this consistent, reliable connectivity that helps them make truly life-changing innovation possible. And, as Robo 3D continues to grow, so will their scalable connectivity solutions.

“When I think of Time Warner Cable Business Class, I think of speed, flexibility and innovation,” says Moreno. “It’s definitely nice to have a company that has the credibility, and that can provide the services that we need.”

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