Time Warner Cable Business Class Helps Ruibal's Plants of Texas Grow Strong

November 2013 | Dallas, TX



When the Ruibal family started selling plants at the Dallas Farmer’s Market in 1984, it had no idea just how big the business would blossom. Today, Ruibal’s Plants of Texas runs four retail stores and two growing operations, selling flora of all types throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.

As the company continues to expand from a single vendor stall to a premier garden center with headquarters the size of a city block and a nearly 30-acre plant farm, it needs a communications partner with the flexibility, advanced solutions and support to grow with it. For more than six years that partner has been Time Warner Cable Business Class (TWCBC).

“In nearly 20 years, we’ve grown from a true mom-and-pop shop to one of the area’s largest and preferred choices for plants, shrubs, garden décor and supplies,” explains Gina Ruibal, the company’s IT Manager. “Over the past three years in particular, we’ve rapidly expanded our service offering and operational processes. Time Warner Cable Business Class has accommodated our growing needs without interruption.”






TWCBC provides Ruibal’s Plants a suite of advanced communication services, including Ethernet Local Area Networks (ELANs) at Ruibal’s six locations, High Speed Data, Business Class Phone and Television.Most recently, Ruibal’s decided to unify its locations, boost its bandwidth and leverage futuristic growing applications by moving to TWCBC’s advanced fiber network.

“Today’s garden industry is evolving faster than ever before,” explains Mark Ruibal, the company’s Vice President. “It’s gone from plastic watering cans to cloud-based automated-environment systems controllable by smartphones and tablets.

“Moving to fiber will enable us to capitalize on advanced technologies that can help improve our efficiency and processes, as well as unite our widespread operations on one robust platform. We’ll be able to access and share vital inventory, personnel and operational data in real time. All of this is with the goal of maximizing our customer service, which has always been – and will always remain – our top priority.”






With its fiber-powered connectivity and speed, Ruibal’s Plants has implemented several of the latest smart technologies to help bolster operations. The company remotely monitors and manages greenhouses, with the ease of using an app on smartphones and tablets to turn on lights, adjust watering and execute other business-critical tasks.

“When it’s 2 a.m. and your phone buzzes informing you that the heater has shut off in the greenhouse, that’s huge,” says Mark Ruibal.“Just four years ago, this wasn’t even in our minds.”

Ruibal’s high-speed fiber network has also helped boost online sales, allowing the company to fulfill orders and track their status with greater convenience and ease. Beyond driving revenues, the ability to monitor the entire order process in real time enables Ruibal’s to expedite the order process and better answer inquiries, helping elevate customer satisfaction.

Gina Ruibal notes that TWCBC and Ruibal’s Plants share a similar level of commitment to providing exemplary customer service. She adds that, throughout Ruibal’s transition to fiber, TWCBC has been there every step of the way with professional, responsive service.

“Going to fiber was really a big deal for us,” explains Ruibal. “Having the ability to communicate more quickly and effectively is obviously great. But there were concerns about the transition. Would we be down for any period of time and, if so, how would that impact operations and sales?

“From day one, our account executive has been there with us. He breaks down tech talk into language I can understand and relay to management. He answered all our questions and did the legwork necessary to ensure the fiber transition would go smoothly. And, true to his word, our daily business wasn’t impacted at all.

“TWCBC and our account executive have gone well beyond our expectations for customer service. All I have to do is make one call and things get done.”


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