So-Cal Tacos Brings ‘Cali Vibe’ to Texas With Help From Time Warner Cable Business Class

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When customers step foot inside So-Cal Tacos, they might just forget that they’re in a restaurant in Grapevine, Texas. Owner and self-proclaimed “beach bum” Scott Wooley has decked out his restaurant in vintage surf décor reminiscent of 1950s Southern California. Their entirely madefrom-scratch Baja fare and easygoing “one love” approach both come from the years he lived  on the West Coast.

“It doesn’t really matter what language you speak. Everyone appreciates good food,” says Wooley. “The culture of our company is defined as ‘Give love, receive love, repeat,’ and that’s really what it’s all about.”

While Wooley’s demeanor is easygoing, operating a thriving restaurant and food truck means he runs a full-court press from sunup to sundown. Since opening in 2013, he and his staff have worked extra hard to ensure customers receive fresh, high-quality food and top-notch service. So Wooley depends on Time Warner Cable Business Class to deliver reliable, advanced connectivity solutions so that So-Cal Tacos can continue to make customer satisfaction its number one priority.








High-speed Internet is critical to daily operations at So-Cal Tacos. Reliable connectivity helps staff quickly process customer credit card payments during the mealtime rush, while simultaneously streaming music for added ambiance. Their WiFi hotspot is an added perk for diners, and gives Wooley the freedom to work on advertising – which he does exclusively through social media – using mobile devices from anywhere inside the restaurant.

“It allows me to be mobile,” explains Wooley. “WiFi allows us to access our high-speed  Internet wherever I am in the restaurant.”

Two Business Class Phone lines help the staff efficiently operate the restaurant’s point-of-sale system and manage the constant stream of to-go orders and catering jobs. And, cable TV is a must for showing games of all the major Dallas sports teams.

“We bundled our services with Time Warner Cable Business Class. Having everything combined from the same provider was really a no-brainer,” says Wooley. “Not only did we save money,  but it just made it really simple.”


So-Cal Tacos is “at the tipping point, where our business is very close to exploding,” Wooley  says, with catering business booming and plans to add two stores in the next year alone.

Technology provided by Time Warner Cable Business Class has helped enable their success, says Wooley, and allows the So-Cal Tacos staff to provide the excellent customer service they’re known for without any distractions.

“Because of the reliability and the service, I feel like Time Warner Cable Business Class  gives us a competitive advantage. It’s really just a one-stop shop and it allows everything to  work flawlessly.”

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