MOJO Sportsgear


Mark Witte, Tracy Seitzer and Jeff Farina, the owners of the full-service screen printing and embroidery shop, MOJO Sportsgear, know all too well the value of teamwork. Their small business specializes in creating custom-logo apparel for sports and corporate teams. Spend any amount of time at MOJO Sportsgear and come across a lively procession of embroidery machines stitching hats and t-shirts with colorful spools of thread.

To keep the business running in high gear, MOJO Sportsgear depends on its, ten years and counting, partnership with Time Warner Cable Business Class.

Having reliable Phone service is essential for MOJO Sportsgear, because many longtime customers prefer using it to email. When MOJO Sportsgear moved to a new location, Time Warner Cable Business Class was the only provider able to help them easily port their telephone numbers that they have had for 34 years. When it comes to all-around efficiency, fast 50 Mbps High-Speed Internet is crucial for downloading large design files, managing their e-commerce store and uploading to social media. WiFi LAN gives MOJO Sportsgear employees the flexibility to work from anywhere office-wide. Plus, the Business TV service gives the hardworking team the opportunity to catch the latest game from the breakroom.

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