So-Cal Tacos


It didn’t take long for lines at So-Cal Tacos’s food truck, Woody, to build around the block and for Scott Wooley, owner, to transition his mobile endeavor into a full-service brick and mortar restaurant in Grapevine, Texas. 

After surviving cancer, inspiration drove So-Cal Tacos founder Scott Wooley to open up his restaurant. What sets Scott’s small business apart is less about the taco and more about the style of taco, a taste of Southern California deep in the heart of Texas. 

High-Speed Internet enhances the overall customer experience by quickly processing credit cards and giving diners access to free WiFi for posting photos, checking-in to social media and writing restaurant reviews. Phone service helps So-Cal Tacos manage takeout orders and put customers front and center. While TVs keep customers entertained, whether they’re tuning into the local weather or catching the big game.

By bundling their Internet, Phone, WiFi and TV with Time Warner Cable Business Class, So-Cal Tacos is able to simplify their services and save money. Thanks to the support of responsive technicians and excellent customer service, Time Warner Cable Business Class made So-Cal Tacos’s installation process easy and prompt.

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