Staying Ahead of the Business Bandwidth Curve

December 2012 | Dallas, TX



The success of every business is driven by the quality of its connections, whether with customers, employees, investors, suppliers, manufacturers, or other key stakeholders. Increasingly, these relationships are measured through data-driven analytics, enhanced through video communication, and empowered through cloud computing and collaboration. As the volume of data grows, so do bandwidth requirements.

While a T-1 was once assumed to offer a sufficient connection for many offices, times have dramatically changed. With a T-1, a mere 1.5 Mbps is shared by all the workers at a business site. That is less than the bandwidth accessible on a single employee’s 4G smartphone. With workers simultaneously utilizing IP cloud computing-based business productivity, CRM, file storage and data backup applications, plus collaboration, video conferencing, video streaming, social networking, and web browsing it is easy to see why a minimum of 10 Mbps is now recommended per office location.

Rightsizing a business’s Internet connection is essential: once available bandwidth becomes congested, not only do access speeds slow for employees, so does business. Therefore, high capacity, reliability and availability are a must. Although businesses have a choice among competitive local exchange carriers (CLECs) and Internet service providers (ISPs), selecting a facility-based provider that operates its own fiber network can simplify pricing and reduce costs, while providing a single point of contact for sales and service.

To thrive in today’s networked economy businesses need to stay ahead of the bandwidth curve. CLECs, ISPs and service providers that can cost effectively meet today’s network requirements and seamlessly scale to deliver tomorrow’s are essential partners for business success.

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