WiFi: Why It’s an Essential Amenity for Small Business

March 2015


With 70 percent of U.S. consumers owning a WiFi-enabled device such as a smartphone, tablet or laptop, wireless Internet access on the go has evolved from a nice-to-have option to an essential and expected amenity. Indeed, one-third of mobile device users take advantage of a public WiFi hotspot at least weekly. More than two out of three consumers say WiFi availability influences their decisions about where to shop.

While WiFi is a powerful way to attract and retain customers, it is not practical for most businesses to become Internet service providers. To minimize operating costs and complexity while maximizing the marketing potential of WiFi, partnering with turnkey hotspot service providers may be an attractive option. With a WiFi service partner that handles equipment installation, service management and ongoing customer support, businesses are free to focus on their core operations.

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