Web Hosting Migration FAQs


1. Why is this server move taking place?

In an effort to provide the best possible service, Time Warner Cable Business Class is performing upgrades to our web hosting services, which require the replacement of our current platform with the latest hardware and software. We are also adding new features and functionality to our hosting packages, including social media integration, mobile optimization and email marketing tools, to name just a few. These new features will help you market your business online and reach more potential and existing customers. We are confident you will like the new features, as well as the greater server reliability. Top

2. What is involved in the server move?

We have taken every step to ensure this migration is as simple and easy as possible. The process will take place as follows:

  • All of your website content will be copied to a new web server.
  • Your website will now be configured in two locations (the old and the new) with the old location being the active site.
  • Credentials for your new site will be provided in advance.
  • Following receipt of your new credentials, you will have the opportunity to review and confirm that your new website is operating properly and is in all respects consistent with your old site.
  • Once you are satisfied that your new site is operating correctly, the pointer records in DNS will be modified to make your new site the active website.
  • Once the new site is active, the old server will be turned off.

If you have any issues during this process, please contact our dedicated web hosting support team at 1-800-847-1984 or at help@support.bizclasshosting.comTop

3. Will the server move require any action on my part?

Yes. In most cases, the only action required on your part is, when notified, to validate the new site is configured and functions as your previous site.  This validation will need to be completed within two weeks of being notified that the move has been made.

In addition to the above, a select few customers that do not have TWCBC as their DNS provider will also need to make any necessary DNS record updates in order to activate the new site.  You will receive the new IP address for the records along with your credentials in advance. Top

4. Will the server move change my site's IP address?

Yes, as part of this migration your website’s IP address will change. During this migration process, your old website’s functionality will be unchanged and it will remain accessible, so you should not experience any loss of web traffic. Top

5. Do I need to update the DNS records for my domain?

Customers who are using Time Warner Cable Business Class for their DNS hosting services will have their DNS information updated automatically at the appropriate time.

In the event that you are using another DNS Hosting provider NOT controlled by Time Warner Cable Business Class, you will be responsible for updating your DNS records or asking your DNS hosting provider to make the changes required.

Once the DNS has been updated, users will be able to see your site in its new location. Top

6. Will this move affect my email?

No. The migration of your website will not impact your email services. Top

7. Will my new account look or function differently than my old account?

Our migration process is designed to recreate your existing website as exactly as possible. However, your new web hosting plan is different than your old plan. The UNIX plans are now LINUX plans, and the Windows 2003 plans are now Windows 2012, and both have significantly more functionality and features than your existing plan. Your control panel (now referred to as SiteControl panel) will look different and contain new features for maintaining your website. When your new site is set up, you will have the opportunity to review it before it goes live. You may also want to review and familiarize yourself with the Online Web Hosting Help site at http://help.bizclasshosting.com. Top

8. Will I still be able to view website statistics?

Yes. Your new web hosting plan has a robust statistical package to assist you in analyzing your site traffic. You can configure and manage it via the SiteControl panel.

However, if you want to retain your old site's statistics, you will need to download them to your local computer prior to the move. The website statistics applications on your new and old site are not compatible. When the migration of your service is completed, you can activate and set up the new statistics manager for the new site. Top

9. Will I still have FTP functionality?

Yes. FTP functionality is available on your site. Top

10. What about Microsoft FrontPage?

Microsoft FrontPage was discontinued by Microsoft in 2009 and as such is no longer supported or available.  The new site will not support MS FrontPage or FrontPage extensions on either Windows or Linux.  If you are using advanced FrontPage features, you may need to republish the site or reconfigure hyperlinks. Top

11. How will I know when my site has been moved?

You will receive an email notification with details about your new site’s location and credentials to access the SiteControl panel.  Upon receipt of this email, you will have two weeks to review and confirm your new site looks correct. Top

12. If I have additional questions regarding this server move, who should I contact?

For questions, please contact our dedicated Web hosting support personnel at 1-800-847-1984 or at help@support.bizclasshosting.com. Top