Quiz: Is Your Internet Keeping Up With Your Business?

If a lethargic internet connection is slowing down your office, you may need to take action. Take our 10-question quiz to find out what we recommend to help improve your office network.


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Does your office frequently share large files over email? What’s a typical file size?
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Transferring large files
If you routinely share large files via email, it can significantly slow you down. Your download and upload speeds may need to be upgraded to match your needs. Faster file transfers mean less wait time so you can move on to other things.
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Your Internet Speed is Likely Insufficient
Your business is extremely Internet-dependent and your Internet speed is likely insufficient to support your needs. With our most advanced plans, you'll have blistering speeds of up to 300 x 20 Mbps and be able to handle just about any amount of usage. Contact one of our Business Solutions Specialists to learn more and get your Internet running at the speed of your business.
Your Internet Speed is Likely Inadequate
Your Internet speed isn't quite keeping up with your needs. Your business can benefit in a myriad of ways by adding or upgrading Business Internet, especially if you're sharing large files, perform online backups or need to support an influx of devices. Get in touch with one of our Business Solutions Specialists to learn more and set your business up for success.
Your Internet Speed is Likely Perfoming Well
Your current Internet seems to be doing the job, but you may still want to get in touch with Time Warner Cable Business Class to discuss your Internet needs. It's always a good idea to get a checkup and make sure your business has the best in speed, security and reliability. Plus, if you're anticipating growth in the near future, you may need faster speeds and greater bandwidth to handle your new business.

Let us recommend the internet speed that’s right for your business.