Online Backup

Online Secure Data Backup


Online Backup Offers Safe, Secure, Anywhere Access to Your Backed Up Data

Online Backup helps you minimize your company’s risk of data loss due to file corruption, theft, accidental deletion and natural disasters.

Backing up in the cloud is an ideal solution for your data because it’s stored at an offsite location for redundancy. Privacy and security are top of mind with our strict security policies, military-grade encryption technology and state-of-the-art data centers.

Online Backup is easy to manage because there is no equipment requirement. Users can securely access or restore files using a web-based interface. Your configuration can be customized by setting policies on bandwidth usage and backup speeds and defining what file types to back up.



Features of Online Backup

  • Supports Windows and Mac computers and servers

  • Encrypts all client data before transmission and while stored

  • Backs up SQL and Exchange data and locked files including Outlook PST files

  • Provides computer- or web-based file restoration with individually restorable, historical versions of files for 30 days

  • Backs up only new or changed files after the initial backup to save bandwidth and time


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