Static IP

Static IP Address


IP addresses are numbers that identify a computer or networked device on the Internet and help them communicate with each other. Your business may need a static IP address – a unique IP address that always remains the same – if you will be performing certain activities, such as supporting remote users, hosting a website or email server, or running a firewall.

A static IP address ensures that your business can always be located on the web and your remote employees or business partners are able to access your company’s network. Static IP is available to our Business Internet customers as an optional add-on.

Features of Static IP

  • Give Remote Access to Employees -- Allow remote employees, clients or partners to securely access files stored on your office computers via Virtual Private Network (VPN)

  • Easily Share Data with FTP -- Receive or send large amounts of data by letting your customers or vendors connect to your File Transfer Protocol (FTP) server

  • Be in Control of Your Servers -- Host your own website, email or chat servers internally

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