TWC WiFi® Hotspot FAQs


TWC WiFi Hotspots provide public wireless Internet access nationwide in both indoor and outdoor locations. Access is free for qualified TWC Internet customers. On most TWC WiFi Hotspots, there are free trial and prepaid access options available for all other users. If you subscribe to Time Warner Cable Business Class Internet service and meet our location and business type criteria, you can have a TWC Hotspot installed at your business for no charge, enabling you to offer free WiFi to your customers. TWC WiFi Hotspots run off a separate network from your Business Internet, leaving your business network free from interference and secure from public use.

Time Warner Cable Business Class Internet customers in TWC WiFi serviceable areas that have regular public foot traffic are good candidates for hosting a TWC WiFi Hotspot. Restaurants, doctors’ offices, car repair shops, salons and retail locations are just some examples of typical TWC WiFi Hotspot host businesses.

Hosting a TWC WiFi Hotspot at your business location provides many benefits including:

  • A dedicated WiFi network for the public that runs on separate bandwidth from your business network, leaving it secure and free from interference for your own transactions

  • Free equipment, installation, service and on going support

  • Free marketing signage to let your customers know you have free WiFi

  • Access to a self-service management portal with many features including reports on who is using your WiFi, when and for how long, customization options for daily free access time, branding on the WiFi sign in portal and more

  • Exposure to millions of potential customers when your location and website address is featured on TWC and partner WiFi maps and apps

  • Robust support resources such as a Welcome Guide, User Guide, How to Video and a dedicated support line


TWC WiFi is an open, public facing network for your customers to use. Business WiFi LAN is a private, secure network intended for employee use and business transactions.

TWC WiFi will not interfere with your business Internet bandwidth. TWC provides an access point for your TWC WiFi Hotspot that is separate from the Internet and wireless router used for your Business WiFi LAN.

For service and support for a TWC WiFi Hotspot in your business, call our dedicated TWC WiFi Hotspot support hotline at 1-855-344-4693.

For questions about personal use of TWC WiFi, contact general TWC WiFi customer support at 1-855-851-9350. 

If you need to reorder marketing materials, please contact TWC WiFi Hotspot support at 1-855-344-4693.

For questions about installation or service of the TWC WiFi Hotspot, contact your local TWC Business Class Representative or go online to fill out an inquiry form at

Management Portal

The TWC WiFi Hotspot Management Portal is a self-service online tool that enables a Hotspot Host to check the status of their hotspot and to customize the sign-in experience. Customization options include setting daily free access time for customers (the default setting is 30-minutes per month), adding a business logo, creating a customer message, and selecting the website customers land on after sign in. Hosts can also view and download reports on WiFi activity in their business, add portal administrative users. It also has a resource area with FAQs, User Guide, How-to video and more.

If you need additional assistance, contact TWC WiFi Hotspot support hotline at 1-888-344-4693.

You can access the Management Portal in two ways.

1) Through My Account

1. Sign in to My Account with your TWC Username and Password

2. From the Overview tab, look for Service Links

3. Select TWC WiFi Hotspot button. You will be taken directly to the dashboard of the TWC WiFi Management Portal

2) By going directly to Management Portal

1. Locate your TWC WiFi Management Portal Username and Password. This was sent to you in an email immediately after the installation of your hotspot.

2. Go to and sign in using the credentials sent to you in this email.

Be sure to bookmark the portal url and save your credentials to simplify future sign-in.

To sign in through My Account, you will need a TWC Username and Password. If you do not have it, you can easily obtain one here.

To sign in directly at, you will need the TWC WiFi Management Portal username and password that was sent to you in an email immediately after the installation of your hotspot. If you cannot locate this email, contact our dedicated WiFi Hotspot support line at 1-855-344-4693 to request an email that will let you reestablish your credentials.

Using TWC WiFi

To qualify for unlimited free access to our hotspots, you must be a current TWC Business Class Internet Customer or a TWC Residential Internet customer with a minimum of Standard or Extreme service. All other users can also access TWCWiFi with a Free Trial or a prepaid Access Pass. The default for the Free Trial period is 30 minutes per month, but is customizable for daily free access by the TWC Business Class customer hotspot host via the TWC WiFi Management Portal.

Any existing Business Class Internet customer can access TWCWiFi, TWCWiFi-Passpoint and partner WiFi hotspots using your My Account username and password.. To access, follow these easy steps:
1. Make sure the WiFi on your mobile device is turned on
2. Select the WiFi network name from available network options (e.g: TWCWiFI, TWCWiFi-Passpoint)
3. Open your browser and sign in with credentials
4. Accept Terms of Service and connect

For support on Business Class credentials, go to

TWCWiFi-Passpoint is a free, secure WiFi network option available to Business Class Internet customers and TWC Residential Internet Customers with minimum of Standard or Extreme service, who want maximum security when they connect on-the-go. For more information on TWCWiFi-Passpoint, go to

For customers who want maximum security on-the-go, TWCWiFi-Passpoint provides an encrypted connection comparable to that used by cellular networks.

Regardless of network, users should always seek SSL secure websites (https://....) when conducting data sensitive transactions, just as they would for any Internet use.

CableWiFi® is a network name that qualified TWC customers can access in order to connect to free WiFi when they are traveling outside of the Time Warner Cable serviceable area. For more information on CableWiFi, go to

Qualified Time Warner Cable Internet customers can connect to this network for free using the same credentials they use to access TWC WiFi.

Access to Boingo Hotspots is free for Business Class Internet customers and all TWC Internet customers with a minimum of Standard or Extreme service. It’s also free for Starter Internet customers in the Kansas City area. For more information on Boingo Hotspot access for TWC Internet customers, go to

If you are a first time user of TWC WiFi and want to access a Boingo Hotspot, select Boingo Hotspot when you see it on your list of available networks. Open you browser and on the Boingo WiFi sign in page, select Time Warner Cable from the dropdown list of Internet service providers and click log in. On the next screen enter your TWC ID and password and log in.

For automatic access to a Boingo Hotspot, download the latest release of TWC's WiFi Finder. Follow the prompts to save your TWC ID (iOS users will also be prompted to create a Passpoint profile) and your device will automatically connect to Boingo Hotspots whenever  you are in range. Note that today, only iOS users can connect to secure, Passpoint enabled Boingo Hotspots, currently available in 25 airports.