ELAN: Secure, Any-to-Any Connectivity

ELAN Services

ELAN Benefits

  • Privacy: All data travels within the secure domain of a Layer 2 dedicated, high-capacity, point-to-point connection at native Ethernet speeds.

  • Standards-Based: Depend on Ethernet Local Area Network from the 1st North American Service Provider to earn all 8 MEF CE 2.0 Certifications.

  • Single Interconnection: A hub aggregates all data traffic on a single network linking all your business locations.

  • Traffic Separation: Maintain discrete pathways when you consolidate previously separate domains for specific applications or departments onto a single network.

  • Cost Savings: A single handoff reduces network equipment and management costs.


Technical Specifications


Ethernet Local Area Network Overview

Ethernet Local Area Network (ELAN) enables any-to-any connectivity for businesses that need to connect all their locations on a single network. ELAN brings together cost-effectiveness, speed, simplicity and flexibility in a broadly customizable Ethernet solution.

ELAN provides a multipoint-to-multipoint Ethernet WAN that extends your LAN to a Metro or Wide Area Network that allows your company’s business-critical applications and data to travel seamlessly across the entire network. ELAN can move large amounts of information between sites, quickly and securely.