Features and Benefits of EPL

  • Privacy: your sensitive data is transferred over a layer 2 dedicated, high-capacity, point-to-point connection at native Ethernet speeds.

  • Industry-leading certification: our Ethernet solutions comply with Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) 9, 14 and CE 2.0 standards.

  • Cost savings: you can connect your business’s Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) with a lower-cost Ethernet interface.

  • Availability: easily link business locations in geographically dispersed areas.



EPL: Secure, High-Speed Connectivity Between Two Locations

Ethernet Private Line (EPL) provides a point-to-point Ethernet Virtual Connection between a pair of locations. EPL, a cost-effective, reliable, high-capacity alternative to traditional TDM private lines, allows businesses to instantly and privately transmit sensitive, mission-critical data at speeds from 3 Mbps to 10 Gbps.

High-speed, dedicated point-to-point connectivity is useful for metro and national business applications including Online Backup, storage area networking, high-capacity and redundant data center connectivity.



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