Feature-Rich Connectivity and Network Security

Managed Security Service for Internet provides reliable connectivity and a comprehensive suite of advanced security solutions to help secure your network end to end.

  • Stateful packet-inspection firewall

  • Intrusion-detection system (IDS) and intrusion-protection system (IPS)

  • Demilitarized zone (DMZ)

  • Advanced content-filtering service

  • Remote VPNs, managed or unmanaged IP VPN (site to site), SSL VPN licenses

  • LAN router configuration/access control

  • Advanced log management and vulnerability management

  • On-demand security reporting


Managed Security Service for Internet Tech Specs

Implement a managed Internet and network security solution without the large capital outlay or ongoing expense and hassle of day-to-day network management. Available with our reliable, fiber or coax Internet service, Managed Security Service for Internet helps safeguard your business from continually evolving internal and external threats.

Delivered over our extensive fiber-rich IP network, this advanced solution features customer-defined security policy configuration, proactive monitoring and reporting – all integrated into one seamless offering that we manage.


Managed Security Service for Internet Specifications

  • Robust network protection at the server level against viruses, spyware, worms, Trojans and other malicious attacks

  • Automatically updated signatures help stop attacks before they enter your network or impact your business

  • Customizable management to block internal access to work environment-inappropriate Web content

  • VPN and site-to-site VPN capabilities to control access to key business systems

  • Customer-defined security-policy configuration, proactive 24/7 monitoring and on-demand reporting