Managed Security



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With the growing prevalence of wired and wireless connections comes the increased threat of internal and Internet-borne security breaches. Managed Security from Time Warner Cable Business Class stops threats before they reach or impact your business.

Comprehensively protecting data, systems and applications from the network to end-user devices, this robust security suite combines all the features of a firewall, anti-virus/anti-spyware tools, and content filtering. Avoid the cost of purchasing and maintaining hardware and software, and rely on one advanced solution that proactively safeguards your network from attack. Periodic vulnerability assessments, traffic statistics and trend reports enable you to easily tailor your security policies to address evolving threats.


Key features:

  • Avoid costly downtime by stopping internal and Internet-borne threats before they impact operations.

  • Implement one system featuring end-to-end perimeter protection with integrated firewall, anti-virus/anti-spyware and content filtering.

  • Lower total cost of ownership by reducing capital needed for hardware and software, and paying only for the number of users you have.