Affordable Tools Provide Full-Featured Network Security

Our Firewall feature enforces customer-defined security policy configurations for connections and provides a layer of security between your network and the Internet.

Content filtering allows you to block websites that fall into categories deemed inappropriate for your work environment to protect your company against unnecessary risk exposure and liability.

Our anti-virus, anti-spyware, and intrusion prevention tools identify malicious code and block it from reaching your network.

Managed Security Overview


Managed Security Tech Specs

Our Managed Security services help you proactively address security risk management rather than react to threats and vulnerabilities as they arise. We can work with you to develop policies and processes that protect against infrastructure and information security problems before they affect your business.


Standard Managed Security Components and Features

  • Managed (stateful packet inspection) firewall device

  • 24x7 monitoring and management

  • Management reports on traffic, threat prevention, usage and several other metrics emailed weekly

  • Web-based, customizable management reporting

  • Gateway anti-virus protection (at the firewall)

  • Gateway anti-spyware protection (at the firewall)

  • Intrusion detection and prevention against application-layer threats

  • DMZ (DeMilitarized Zone) service for secure hosting of resources that need to be separate from the LAN

  • Premium content filtering with options for allow/deny lists, 54 categories of content, keyword URL blocking and time settings for policies

  • Mobile VPN licenses provided via SSL for secure connectivity for remote users

  • Customer web portal for management and support


Options Available With Most Standard Managed Security Packages

  • Secure WiFi (wireless LAN)

  • Additional mobile VPNs

  • Secure email services: spam filtering and virus scanning