Spectrum Business will soon begin switching to an All-Digital Cable TV signal to provide you with even better picture and sound. If you have questions or concerns please review the FAQ.

If you have a cable line that runs directly from the wall into your TV - YES, you will need a Digital Adapter. Call us to schedule a free installation.

If you receive service via a set-top box or CableCARD™ - NO, you will not need a Digital Adapter.

If you are not sure, please contact us.

Please give us a call at your earliest convenience, to learn more about the upgrade and to determine the number of TVs in your business not already connected to a Spectrum Business set-top box. If necessary, we will schedule a quick installation at your business to enable your cable TV service to continue uninterrupted.

Once our network migration takes place, your TV channels will become unavailable if the new equipment (or a set-top box or CableCARD™) is not connected to each TV.

Spectrum Business is transitioning our current video system to be exclusively digital. If you have a cable line at your place of business that runs directly from the wall into your TV set (or VCR or DVD player, etc.), then you may lose picture on certain channels later this year, and we want to make sure this does not happen. If you have a Spectrum Business set-top box connected to your TV, you do not need to take any action for that TV.

Spectrum Business is transitioning its entire channel lineup to a digital-only signal. This will improve picture and sound quality, and will allow Spectrum Business to offer even more HD choices and On Demand titles. In addition, exclusive use of digital technology will enable us to deliver faster Internet speeds and enhanced phone services.

The Digital Conversion Initiative allows us to begin delivering more, and better, products and services that will connect and entertain our customers for many years to come. As the proportion of HDTV sets increases year after year, and as programmers produce more HD programming, Spectrum Business is working hard to make this programming available to HD customers in innovative ways. We are also working to deliver faster Internet speeds, enhanced phone services, along with other communications solutions.

Any customer who subscribes to Spectrum Business video service and plugs their cable line directly into the back of their TV will be affected. If you have any TVs in your place of business that connect directly to the wall, you will need to take action and have us install a Spectrum Business set-top box or a Digital Adapter on those TVs. TVs already connected to a Spectrum Business set-top box or with a CableCARD™ will not be impacted by this change, and no action is required.

Any TV connected directly to Spectrum Business service without a Spectrum Business set-top box or with a CableCARD™ will eventually lose picture on certain channels it currently receives.

Spectrum Business knows how many TVs connect to our set-top boxes. However, many customers connect their cable-ready TVs directly to our service without notifying us. These businesses may have several TVs receiving Spectrum Business video service.

A digital Spectrum Business set-top box (sometimes known as a digital converter box or digital receiver) processes digital-quality signals and offers access to On Demand, Start Over®*, Look Back®*, our Interactive Program Guide and nearly 50 commercial-free music channels. An Adapter simply converts digital-quality signals to a format that is viewable on analog televisions (and digital televisions that do not have QAM tuners).
*Not available in all areas. Some restrictions apply based on type of business.

Spectrum Business is giving customers Digital Adapters FREE of charge through December 2016. Beginning in January 2017, each Adapter will cost $1.50 per month.

TVs that already receive digital cable TV service from Spectrum Business via a Spectrum Business set-top box or with a CableCARD™ are all ready, and you do not need to do a thing. However, most other TVs connected directly to a Spectrum Business service without a Spectrum Business set-top box or with a CableCARD™ will eventually be unable to display video channels.

Your new Digital Adapter will remain on, but you can use your new Remote Control to turn your TV on or off at any time.

The picture-in-picture feature on an analog television will not work with our new digital signals.

Yes, the ability to display closed captioning is not affected by connecting a Digital Adapter. To use closed captioning, follow the instructions in the TV manufacturer's user guide.

Yes. The Digital Adapter will pass through the guide data necessary for your TV’s programming guide.

No. There will be no changes to existing channel numbers. 

Download the Digital Adapter User Guide for easy set up and activation instructions.