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How to Order Digital Adapters

To order your Digital Adapters or to receive more information, please contact us as soon as possible so that we may work with you to prepare for this transition.

We understand you will have questions and our award-winning customer service and local support teams are prepared to work with you individually to meet your needs.

Digital Adapters

Time Warner Cable Business Class is transitioning our video service in your area to an exclusively digital format. This enhancement will give you better picture quality, crisper sound and will allow us to deliver even more variety of products and services for our customers in the future.

In order to complete the transition, you will require a small piece of equipment—a Digital Adapter—to be installed on each of your television sets that do not already use a cable box. The process is simple—and the installation is free—but your immediate assistance is required. And right now, Time Warner Cable Business Class is giving customers Digital Adapters FREE of charge for 24 months. A low monthly charge applies once the free period ends.


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Cisco HD Digital Adapter

Technicolor HD Digital Adapter

Arris/Motorola HD Digital Adapter


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