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College TV Overview

Enhance your campus environment with distinctive TV programming that fosters learning and keeps the campus community informed and entertained. Our College TV channel lineup is tailored to fit the interests of today’s students, faculty and staff with a variety of news, sports, and music and entertainment channels.



College TV Highlights

  • Over 60 news, business, sports and entertainment channels address a variety of interests

  • Optional music channels, premium movie channels, and video-on-demand for programming that fits many education applications*

  • Superior Quality: Minimal exposure to the elements means a clear digital or HD picture, 24 hours a day, delivered through our reliable wholly-owned network.

  • Quick Installation: Get hassle-free installation that is just one phone call away.

  • 24/7 Support: Rest assured that our knowledgeable support teams are working when you are.


Products and Services not avalable in all areas*


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Customize your TV programming with these optional lineups

Music Choice

Create the right ambience on sales floors, in showrooms and break rooms – and provide hold music for incoming calls — to keep your customers engaged and happy. With dozens of music channels to choose from, you'll find the music genre for any taste to enhance your business atmosphere.

International TV

Offer your patrons and employees a blend of multicultural news, sports and entertainment programming.


Premium Channels

Enjoy the best original series, special events and Hollywood blockbusters from HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, The Movie Channel, STARZ and Encore.


Deluxe TV

Create an atmosphere that encourages your patrons to stay a little longer or to simply relax and forget about the time with channels like NBA TV, NatGeo Wild and the Cooking Channel.

SportsPass TV

Offer the best in sports programming -- including all major sports, college football, college basketball, soccer and golf -- to your guests, customers or shoppers.