Business Group Feature Package

Business VoIP PBX Systems


Get advanced, PBX-like functionality without investing in new equipment. Employees within a business group can share calls and use calling features typically designed for larger businesses. This service helps enhance teamwork and boost productivity within your company.

The Business Group Feature Package has a standard feature set that includes abbreviated dialing as well as an optional feature set for call retrieval across multiple phone lines.

Highlights of Business Group Feature Package

  • Dial other members in the business group using an abbreviated number of digits to reach fellow employees quickly and easily.

  • Share a 2-digit speed dial list of up to 30 numbers.

  • Place calls outside the business group by dialing *9 + telephone number.

  • Receive a unique ring for calls from within the group to distinguish them from external calls.

  • Call Park lets you park a call on one line and retrieve it from any line and any location within the business group.

  • Call Retrieve allows you to pick up a call on one line using your own number and location.

  • Put an active call on hold, make a second call and then return to the original call.

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