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Whether you make calls to Mexico, the UK, Japan or a host of other countries, the Global Calling Plan for Spectrum Business Voice enables you to make the international calls that you need to run your business in a smart, convenient and affordable way.

The optional Global Calling Plan is just an additional $7.95 per month per line with your Spectrum Business Voice to directly dial calls to more than 50 countries for $.05 per minute. Make calls to mobile numbers in more than 30 countries for the same $.05 per minute rate (see highlighted countries below). It’s that simple!


Global Calling Plan Countries

Argentina Hong Kong * Panama
Australia Hungary Peru *
Austria * Iceland * Poland *
Belgium * India * Portugal
Brazil * Ireland * Romania *
Brunei Israel Russia
Bulgaria * Italy * Singapore *
Chile * Jamaica * Slovenia
China * Japan * South Africa *
Colombia * Korea (South) * Spain *
Costa Rica * Luxembourg * Sweden *
Croatia Malaysia * Switzerland
Cyprus Malta * Taiwan
Denmark * Mexico * Thailand *
Dominican Republic * Mongolia * Turkey
France * Morocco United Kingdom *
Germany * Netherlands Uruguay
Greece * New Zealand Vatican City *
Guatemala Norway * Venezuela *

*Countries that also have the $.05 per minute rate for calls to mobile phone numbers

Features of Global Calling Plan

  • Control Costs - Pay one simple rate* of $.05 per minute to the most commonly called countries. Calls to Canada are priced at interstate rates** and range from $.00 to $.07 depending on your domestic calling plan.

  • Get Added Value - Pay the landline rate to call mobile phone numbers in more than 30 countries.

  • Enable Simplicity - Dial international locations directly – no access codes, PINs, or additional dialing required. Easily upgrade and add the plan onto any of your existing Spectrum Business Voice lines.

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*$.05 per minute rate is only available with monthly fee of $7.95 per line. **Interstate rate plans are separate from the Global Calling Plan. All products and services are not available in all areas. Some restrictions apply. Subject to change without notice. Additional charges apply for surcharges, taxes and fees, installation, Directory Assistance, Operator Services, and calls to international locations outside of the plan’s calling area.


Product Details

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