Mobility Package

Landline Call Forwarding Service


For the busy professional who is crunched for time and must be in multiple places. The Mobility Package includes four programmable features that remove one less “to do” from your list -- by routing calls directly to you, and removing the need to leave messages or play telephone tag.




Features of Mobility Package

  • Simultaneous Ring -- Rings up to 5 phones simultaneously when a Spectrum Business Voice phone number is called.

  • Sequential Ring – Rings up to five additional phone numbers in sequence. The initial phone number will ring and after a preset number of rings programmed by you, the next phone number will ring until the call is picked up or the call goes to voicemail.

  • Office Anywhere -- Allows you or your employees to access your office phone number and features to make outgoing calls as if they were made while in the office. The Caller ID for your calls will be your office telephone number.

  • Personal Attendant -- Allows you to answer calls with a custom greeting and then offer up to three call treatment options: go to voicemail, go to another telephone number or go to an announcement.

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