Voicemail (Single, Shared and Group)

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Retrieve your voice messages anywhere, anytime with our easy-to-use Voicemail service. We offer multiple voicemail options and features to meet your organization’s particular needs. Single Voicemail provides a unique voicemail box per telephone number.

For teams who share responsibility for returning calls and businesses in which private messages are not required, Shared Voicemail is an ideal choice. It provides a single voicemail box for up to 5 telephone numbers.

Consider Group Voicemail if your business needs to provide private mailboxes for teams who share a telephone number. Group Voicemail provides up to 10 private voicemail boxes for a single telephone number.

Features of Voicemail (Single, Shared and Group)

  • Single Voicemail and Group Voicemail boxes have a unique email address and a unique PIN per box.

  • Shared Voicemail boxes have a shared email address and a shared PIN across all phone lines that access the shared mailbox.

  • Our free web portal, Voice Manager, enables you to change your voicemail settings and listen to, forward, delete and save voicemail to file.

  • Access your voicemail messages online through the free Voice Manager web portal.

  • Receive voicemail notifications by email with or without an audio file attachment.

  • Choose from several greeting options: all calls, no answer, busy, out-of-hours, extended absence (listen only) and recorded name only.

  • Set the number of rings you want callers to hear before voicemail picks up.

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