Business Class Phone: Stay Connected Wherever You Are

Features and Benefits of Business Phone Service

  • Business-centric phone features like Custom Caller ID, Hunt Groups, and Account Codes, and Three-Way Call Transfer are included at no additional charge.

  • Add options like Auto Attendant, Custom Ring, and Single, Group or Shared Voicemail at affordable monthly rates.

  • Our optional Mobility Package includes features such as Sequential Ring, Simultaneous Ring, Personal Attendant, and Office Anywhere that make it easier to be reached and reach others, even when you’re away from your desk.

  • Easily provision and configure your business phone features on-demand and in real-time with our free Voice Manager portal. Update settings like Call Forwarding, Hunt Groups, Auto Attendant, and more—all you need is an Internet connection.

  • With Voice Manager, you can have your voicemail messages routed to your computer or smart phone via email and also listen to your business phone voicemail messages from your computer.

Business Class Phone Technical Specifications

Business Class Phone Overview

Choose our affordable and flexible Business Class Phone service to stay connected to your customers – whether you’re in the office or away from it. We offer business phone service with high-quality call clarity over our secure, fiber-rich network.

Our flexible, flat-rate plans for local, in-state and nationwide calling, combined with usage-based international calling plans, let you choose the service that is right for your business, without the need for a new telephone number or phone equipment. Many calling features are included at no additional cost, and you'll benefit from having all your services from a single provider—all on one invoice.

You and your employees will be able to manage your calling features such as Custom Caller ID, Call Forwarding, Voicemail retrieval and voicemail notification anytime using our free Voice Manager portal. Administrators can also manage a variety of features such as Auto Attendant, Hunt Groups (rollover), and Account Codes, as well as access online call detail.

Plus, when you purchase our Mobility Package, you can be reached by customers and business contacts—regardless of location. Have your office calls route simultaneously or sequentially to a mobile device or another location; make virtual office calls from another location; and provide a custom greeting and routing options for your callers when you’re away.

Our Business Class Phone service may be used with your existing telephone and equipment, which could save you time and money. Technologically advanced, reliable, affordable and flexible: Business Class Phone ensures that you stay connected with your employees, vendors and customers.

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