Business class phone tech specs

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We provide business phone services and features that keep your employees focused on what is important: your business.

  • Set up and manage your phone features online 24/7 with our free Voice Manager tool, an easy-to-use web portal.

  • Enhanced 911 automatically provides name, telephone number and address to 911 emergency dispatchers.

  • Auto Attendant allows a designated telephone number to be automatically answered with a user-defined menu.

Business Class Phone Overview



Technical Specifications for Business Class Phone

Business Class Phone leverages Internet Protocol (IP) technology to help deliver data packets of voice signals over our high-capacity fiber-coaxial network. You get a cost-effective telephone service with high-quality transmission on up to 30 lines per business location.

Our Business Class Phone technology combines the familiar and easy-to-use features of traditional telephone service with all the benefits of advanced telephony.

Select new (native) telephone numbers, port your existing numbers to our service or both: we support any combination of new and existing numbers.

We provide and maintain an eMTA that connects our network and your phone equipment to deliver voice services. So you can replace your company’s current phone service without having to buy new equipment.


Business Class Phone Technical Specifications

  • Business Class Phone utilizes digital Internet Protocol (IP) technology, rather than analog circuit-switched technology, to offer virtually all of the same functionality and features as a POTS line.

  • Business Class Phones IP-based voice service does not use the public Internet.

  • Business Class Phone will provide support for native (Time Warner Cable) or ported telephone numbers or any combination. For example, you may port all your existing numbers or only your main telephone number. Some customers may select all new numbers. The choice is up to you.

  • Time Warner Cable Business Class complies with all applicable regulations and requirements associated with 911/E911 functionality.

  • Time Warner Cable Business Class will provide an eMTA, which is the operating interface between Time Warner Cable Business Class and the customer’s equipment.

Modem, Phone Line Box and Mount Features

  • Plug and play installation with web-based diagnostics

  • High speed data access through 10/100 Base-T Ethernet (RJ-45)

  • Automatic fax processing and support for all DOCSIS 2.0 features

  • Integrated DOCSIS 2.0 Cable Modem with Multiple Protocol Support: PacketCable NCS and SIP (future)

  • Either 8 or 12 Lines of Telephony (RJ-21)

  • Software compatibility and feature parity with existing Touchstone Software Rel4.4

  • Support for extended temperature range for closet applications and for external battery backup power with 48V DC power input and telemetry support

  • RJ45 10/100BaseT high speed data interface

  • Supports up to 14 non-blocking simultaneous call events (example: 12 active lines off hook, two lines with call features)



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