Business Class PRI



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Connect all your locations with one technologically advanced, cost-effective, reliable and easy-to-manage voice service. Delivered over our wholly owned fiber-rich IP network, Time Warner Cable Business Class Primary Rate Interface (PRI) service delivers exceptional functionality, call quality and value.

This IP-enabled service works with your existing equipment and your existing telephone numbers to maximize your investment. It also includes unlimited local calling and numerous calling features at no additional charge, plus you can choose from several domestic long distance packages to improve ROI. Reduce additional costs and increase productivity with valuable features like call blocking - that prevents calls that generate additional charges (e.g., collect calls, 900 numbers and 411 calls) - online account call detail and reports, direct inward dial (DID), and remote call forwarding.


Key features:

  • Use the online Call Detail Web-based portal to review four months of on-demand, call-detail history.

  • Choose from three outbound domestic long distance packages with 3,000, 5,000 or 10,000 minutes of usage per month.

  • Select fractional PRI service increments available in 8, 12, and 16 voice channels per service location.