Voice Trunking Technology for Growing Businesses

  • Direct Inward Dialing (DID) service eliminates the need for a dedicated line for each employee while still allowing each employee to have a unique phone number.

  • Optional Minutes of Use packages are scalable and include nationwide long-distance and international calling to over 50 of the most popular worldwide calling destinations. (Complete list of countries)

  • Access call history and on-demand usage analysis reports online to better manage your long-distance costs.

  • Our Trunk Services Portal enables secure access to usage details and reporting capabilities and allows you to configure Alternate Routing and Trunk Overflow features in real time.

Business Class PRI Overview


Business Class PRI Tech Specs

Business Class PRI is a commercial ISDN trunk service that uses Internet Protocol (IP) technology to deliver data packets of voice signals over our fiber-rich network. It then converts the signaling to DS‐1 and provides PRI service via a voice gateway located at your business location. Your calls are never routed over the public Internet.

Our voice‐only, IP‐enabled service is delivered over our fiber-rich network. A single Business Class PRI offers customers a two‐way trunk with the ability to make and/or receive up to 23 simultaneous calls. The product provides customers with the standard ISDN PRI configuration of 23 B channels for voice communications and a D channel for signaling (e.g., 23B+D), as well as other fractional PRI service configurations.


Business Class PRI Specifications

  • Provisioned as a two-way, voice-only service

  • Bipolar with eight-zero substitution (B8ZS)

  • Voice encoding G.711

  • Framing is Extended Super Frame

  • Network Interface Device: RJ-48


Voice Gateway Specifications

  • Voice gateway emulates the ISDN PRI variants of NI-2, 5ESS, and DMS-100

  • Voice interfaces: 24 FXS analog voice ports or Four EHWIC slots depending on CPE


Calling Rates

PRI International Long Distance




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