Carrier Services

Time Warner Cable Business Class is an industry-leading communications provider offering superior coverage and capacity to support your growing bandwidth demands. Delivering extensive Carrier E-Access and E-Transport, Wholesale IP, Wholesale Business Internet and Cell Tower Backhaul Solutions, Time Warner Cable Business Class is the one solution for all of your Carrier Service needs.

Products for Carrier Services

  • E-Access
  • E-Access

    Support for point to-point Ethernet Private Line and Ethernet Virtual Private Line (Access EPL and Access EVPL) from External Network to Network Interface (ENNI) to User Network Interface (UNI) using Operator Virtual Connection (OVC).

  • Transport
  • Transport

    E-Transport - Point-to-Point Operator Virtual Connection (OVC) between TWC POPs.

    W-Transport - Point to Point Optical Channel service utilizing dense wave division multiplexing (DWDM).

  • Wholesale IP
  • Wholesale IP

    IP Transit port-only full Internet route with direct access to 13M+ TWC broadband subscribers. Wholesale Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) metro or wide area fiber circuit. Business Internet service across a Hybrid Fiber Coax (HFC) network via cable modem.

  • Cell Tower Backhaul
  • Cell Tower Backhaul

    Cell Site to Mobile Telephone Switch Office (MTSO) using Ethernet backhaul.



Our Advantages are Yours


Our expansive number of route miles, cell towers and on and near net buildings in 31 U.S. metro markets provide the fiber coverage you need to seamlessly extend your U.S. network.

  • Servicing customers in 29 states and 31 U.S. metro markets

  • More than 1,000 POPs and 50,000 multi-tenant fiber lit buildings, including 17,000 lit customer cell sites
  • More than 150,000 route miles of fiber
  • Nearly 1 million HFC serviceable buildings


Leverage the benefits of our fully protected and redundant, independent network infrastructure. With services backed by MEF 9, 14 and CE 2.0 certifications and robust fiber-based Service Level Agreements, rest assured with high performance and availability for your network operations and end-users.


Our Ethernet over fiber provides scalable bandwidth, allowing service providers the flexibility to deliver bandwidth on demand once a circuit is installed. In addition, we can deliver Ethernet over DOCSIS over an extensive HFC network. Choose a more cost-effective solution with our flexible bandwidth options and flat-rate pricing – versus mileage or loop charges.


Enjoy complete customer account support and service delivery from our dedicated carrier sales, support and engineering teams. Take advantage of unsurpassed network visibility and easily determine service availability with the Time Warner Cable Carrier Serviceability Portal.




Discover New Locations Easily

Unsurpassed network visibility to easily determine service availability with the TWC Carrier Serviceability Portal.


The Infrastructure Behind Mobile

We provide 4G LTE wireless operators a scalable and reliable Ethernet or lit wave solutions over fiber backhaul solution for both small- and macro-cell applications.


MEF Certifications

TWCBC Becomes First North American Service Provider to Achieve Certifications for All Eight MEF CE2.0 Services.