Technology Solutions for K-12 Schools

Today’s elementary and secondary schools are tasked to deliver more with less budget. Factors like e-learning and distance-education initiatives are widening the divide between administrator, teacher and student demands for constant connectivity, and the technology and funding needed to deliver it. Time Warner Cable Business Class helps close the gap by enabling boundless, media-rich learning environments with cost-effective high-bandwidth solutions - most of which are eligible for E-Rate discounts.

Effective February 2016, the new 498 ID (aka Service Provider Identification Number, or SPIN) for Time Warner Cable Business, LLC will change to 143048275.  This nationwide change will streamline government funded operations and make the process easier for customers and the Universal Services Administration Company (USAC).



Product Solutions for Education K-12

  • Internet
  • Business Internet

    Reliable connectivity for today’s multimedia learning applications.


    Dedicated Internet Access

    Dependable, high-bandwidth fiber connection between the Internet and your LAN for offices and schools.

  • Network Services
  • Managed WiFi

    Managed WiFi is a scalable, end-to-end wireless networking solution that enables K-12 schools and libraries to provide seamless WiFi Internet access through available E-Rate funding to help facilitate untethered learning.


    Ethernet Services

    Time Warner Cable Business Class Ethernet Services helps businesses run more efficiently by delivering customized connectivity with nationawide reach. Enable confidient IT decision making with data intelligence and 24x7 proactive network monitoring.


    Managed Router Service

    These fully managed solutions help you minimize capital expenditures and free up IT budget and staff, so that you can focus on a higher priority – building your business.

  • Voice
  • Business Class Phone

    Cost-effective, reliable phone service for your schools, administrative offices and other district buildings.


    Business Class PRI

    IP-enabled voice trunk service that provides a flexible and affordable voice solution with advanced features such as Alternate Routing and Trunk Overflow.

  • Cloud Services
  • Microsoft Hosted Exchange

    Easy, effective sharing and syncing of email, calendars and contacts.

  • Television
  • Television

    A wide range of educational channels bring lesson plans and learning to life.



Benefits for K-12 Schools

Implement Cost-Effective, E-Rate-Eligible Services

Time Warner Cable Business Class has established relationships with some of the largest education systems in the country so we understand a school system’s growing needs. Upgrade to advanced solutions tailored to fit elementary and secondary school bandwidth needs and shrinking budgets. Most offerings are eligible for E-Rate discounts, and our education-focused professionals are very familiar with the rules and regulations of the E-Rate program.

Create Rich Learning Environments

Stimulate minds and imaginations with multimedia learning. Provide administrators, educators and students reliable, high-bandwidth, secure Internet and network access to a world of resources.

Communicate Securely

Safeguard your network and reduce risk with a secure, private Ethernet network or an end-to-end managed security solution that addresses your school’s unique policies and requirements, and delivers comprehensive security no matter where people access your network.

Reliably Connect District Offices and Schools

Use our nationwide 350,000-mile fiber-rich IP network to connect your schools and district offices with dedicated fiber, empowering you to share information efficiently, securely and cost effectively. Furthermore, our self-healing fiber-ring topology protects your critical data and provides superior network availability and resiliency. We stand behind our solutions and your schools with an end-to-end industry-leading Service Level Agreement (SLA) that extends across our backbone, metro core and last-mile network for fiber-based services.

Easily Scale a Broad Portfolio of Solutions to Meet Your Evolving Needs

Choose from a full suite of Internet, voice, television, network and cloud services that are right-sized to your institution’s needs and district’s budget. And quickly and easily scale your infrastructure and bandwidth as your needs evolve with just a phone call and little or no downtime.

Simplify Operations and Free Up IT Resources

Partner with Time Warner Cable Business Class for all your networking and communications needs. Our dedicated local service and support professionals will ensure your communications infrastructure remains up and running, so you can focus more on innovation and education. This is precisely why we were recently named #1 in Customer Loyalty by Frost & Sullivan.

Work with a Proven Partner

Time Warner Cable Business Class has established relationships with some of the largest and most prestigious institutions and school systems currently utilizing our technology solutions. Leverage our experience and network to create a multi-media rich classroom that will meet today’s and future requirements.





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