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Advanced solutions for an ever‑changing healthcare landscape.



A Resilient Network That’s Ready for Tomorrow

We deliver the powerful, flexible solutions and steadfast support you need to provide outstanding patient care, integrate emerging technologies, and keep your healthcare organizations connected, secure, and compliant.

Smarter Skilled Care Facilities

Access: Supports for Living utilizes highly scalable fiber-rich connectivity as a springboard for growth. More >


Hospice Buffalo

Hospice Buffalo uses HDTV and fiber-based network services to make patients and their families feel more at home. More >


OhioHealth Hospitals

OhioHealth powers advanced Stroke Network and electronic ICU with Time Warner Cable Business Class fiber-based solutions—ensuring improved patient outcomes across the continuum of care. More >


The Big Data-Ready Network

Speedy and scalable, reliable and resilient: Advanced fiber-rich connectivity gives healthcare organizations the power they need to transform EMR and big data into real-world results. More >


Clinics Thrive With Fiber Connectivity

ABC Pediatrics and Venice Family Clinic credit a speedy and dependable fiber-rich network with keeping patients and practice in top form. More >




Advanced Health Information Technology and Healthcare Solutions

The Healthcare industry is focused on providing the best possible care for patients and their families. Time Warner Cable Business Class understands that taking care of patients extends to all aspects of the patient experience: from accessing time-sensitive patient data to responding to an emergency phone call.

Our local, dedicated healthcare team offers leading industry experience and is accustomed to working within the demands of complicated healthcare IT infrastructure. We can support cutting edge technologies, provide fully-managed network solutions; dedicated Ethernet, WiFi, and cloud-based services; as well as standard services like television and voice communications.



Helping Our Healthcare Partners Thrive






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