Healthcare Practices Thrive With Reliable Connectivity and Support


Smaller healthcare practices struggle to provide high-quality care while facing enormous regulatory demands. Venice Family Clinic (VFC) in Los Angeles—the nation’s largest free medical clinic—is one such practice. With federal mandates on electronic medical records (EMRs) looming, VFC needed a more reliable network. Its circuits were extremely slow and prone to failure, especially during bad weather. VFC needed fast, resilient connectivity with high-capacity bandwidth to meet skyrocketing clinical data needs.

We need the dependability. We need the reliability. We need the speed.
—Dr. Suzanne Davis, Owner, ABC Pediatrics

Like VFC, ABC Pediatrics (ABC) in McKinney, Texas, needed major upgrades. To care for patients more efficiently, ABC needed faster, more reliable access to EMRs. ABC also needed to ensure ultra-reliable phone service: Multiple phone lines connect the practice with patients, healthcare professionals, insurers, and pharmacies at all hours. Outages could cost patient satisfaction, and potentially degrade quality of clinic care. 

We have much better infrastructure and technologies and more reliable service now with Time Warner Cable Business Class.
—Fred Hornbeck, CIO, Venice Family Clinic

Both VFC and ABC solved their challenges—and improved their businesses—with Time Warner Cable Business Class. Now, VFC has a wide area network (WAN) with secure point-to-point Ethernet Services. This enables ultra-fast, reliable delivery of imaging lab results, medical records, and other vital data. And since implementing TWC Business Class Internet and Phone, ABC credits the “speedy and dependable” solution with helping it to keep patients, and practice, in top form.

Full Case Study:
 Time Warner Cable Business Class Makes Patient Care 
as Easy as ‘1, 2, 3’ at ABC Pediatrics


Advanced Solutions That Benefit Your Patients and Practice 

Advanced Solutions for a Changing Healthcare Landscape

Whether you need a strong network to match growing bandwidth needs, new technologies to grow your practice, or more efficient workflows, our solutions help you thrive in an ever-changing landscape.

Compliance With Shifting Laws and Regulations

Ensure compliance with new laws and regulatory demands. We provide the support and connectivity to help your medical clinic meet new and emerging regulations such as HIPPA, Affordable Care Act, and ICD10.

Secure Personal Health Information (PHI)

Ensure personal health information (PHI) stays protected and compliant. Our secure site-to-site connectivity safeguards sensitive patient data.

Fast, Reliable EMR Access

Fiber-rich connectivity ensures fast, consistent, reliable access to EMRs, so you can maximize your time delivering quality patient care.

Expert Support That Helps You Streamline Your Business

Streamline your business with the help of local, dedicated support. Discover where you can create efficiencies and bundle solutions for exceptional value on a tight budget.



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