Higher Education Solutions

In today's mobile and digital world, higher education is no longer bound to traditional classrooms or schedules. Time Warner Cable Business Class provides staff, faculty, students and visitors the advanced, reliable technology required to maximize sharing and learning anywhere, anytime. Our secure, scalable solutions provide a solid foundation for advanced applications that enhance academics and the campus environment. In addition, our dedicated support professionals help keep your critical IT infrastructure working and your students learning.




Product Solutions for Higher Education

  • Network Services
  • Managed WiFi

    Managed WiFi is a scalable, end-to-end wireless networking solution that enables higher education institutions to provide seamless WiFi Internet access anytime, virtually anywhere across the enterprise.

    Ethernet Services

    Time Warner Cable Business Class Ethernet Services helps businesses run more efficiently by delivering customized connectivity with nationwide reach. Enable confident IT decision making with data intelligence and 24x7 proactive network monitoring.


    Managed Router Service

    These fully managed solutions help you minimize capital expenditures and free up IT budget and staff, so that you can focus on a higher priority – building your business.

  • Internet
  • Dedicated Internet Access

    High-throughput Internet connectivity to buildings and campuses across your institution, via a resilient fiber-based infrastructure.

  • Television
  • Television

    Information and entertainment in common areas, dorm rooms and lecture halls.

  • Voice
  • Business Class Phone

    Cost-effective, reliable phone service for campus offices and dorms.


    Business Class PRI

    Affordable and scalable voice trunk service throughout campus locations.


Benefits for Higher-Education Institutions

Create a Connected, 21st Century Learning Environment

Next-generation high-bandwidth network and communication solutions help universities provide staff, educators, students and visiting academics the tools and connectivity they need to securely learn and collaborate on and off campus.

Support Multimedia Learning

Our fiber-rich network delivers the capacity to support today’s bandwidth-intensive multimedia applications and advanced e-learning initiatives, and is easily scalable to meet the changing needs of your institution.

Maximize Communications and Network Connectivity

Delivered over our advanced fiber-rich IP network, and supported by stringent Service Level Agreements (SLAs), solutions from Time Warner Cable Business Class ensure reliable, high-bandwidth connectivity campus wide. From dorm rooms to classrooms and libraries to administrative offices, you can rely on our network to support anywhere, anytime learning.

Connect Widespread Facilities and Campuses

The Time Warner Cable Business Class infrastructure features regional and metro transport networks with over 350,000 miles of fiber, and last-mile access to reach areas many other service providers cannot. This makes us the easy choice to connect buildings across campus and across the country.

Secure & Grow Your Network and Data End to End

Superior managed security services help you control access to your network while protecting and enhancing wired and wireless access from legitimate end-users.

Ensure Maximum Value and Investment Protection

Invest in a cost-effective solution customized to your infrastructure, performance requirements and budget needs, and easily scale as needed to accommodate advances in education technologies and growth in enrollment.

Enhance Campus Safety

Leverage our reliable, fiber-rich network to synchronize campus security systems to enhance campus safety, help improve the speed and accuracy of emergency responses, increase situational awareness, and support the timely delivery of emergency alerts.

Rely on Dedicated Professional Support

Time Warner Cable Business Class has established relationships with some of the most prestigious colleges and universities in the country. Our professionals understand the challenges and goals of higher-education institutions and deliver smart solutions backed by dedicated 24/7 support. This is precisely why we were recently named #1 in Customer Loyalty by Frost & Sullivan.






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