Advanced Hospitality Business Solutions

Today's travelers expect a higher level of in-room technology than ever before. Guests are now demanding a home-away-from-home experience, complete with high-definition (HD) TV programming, on-demand video, and secure, high-speed and wireless Internet access.

To increase guest satisfaction and build customer loyalty, you need the right hospitality products and services. Time Warner Cable Business Class can help. We offer hospitality solutions using the cutting-edge technology you need to elevate your guests’ experience, while also boosting the operational efficiency and effectiveness of your employees.


Product Solutions for Hospitality

  • Television
  • Pro:Idiom

    Our Pro:Idiom solution offers guests the highest quality viewing experience


    Set-Back Box

    Increase guest satisfaction with the most popular HD channels, delivered over a reliable network.

  • Internet
  • Dedicated Internet Access

    Fiber-based, symmetric, high-bandwidth Internet connectivity, easily scalable from 5Mbps to 10Gbps.


    Business Internet

    Reliable, high-speed Internet connectivity to access applications and web services from the cloud.

  • Network Services
  • Managed WiFi

    Managed WiFi is a scalable, end-to-end wireless networking solution that enables hotels or hospitality organizations to provide seamless WiFi Internet access anytime, virtually anywhere across the enterprise.


    Ethernet Service

    Time Warner Cable Business Class Ethernet Services helps businesses run more efficiently by delivering customized connectivity with nationwide reach. Enable confident IT decision making with data intelligence and 24x7 proactive network monitoring.


    Managed Router Service

    These fully managed solutions help you minimize capital expenditures and free up IT budget and staff, so that you can focus on a higher priority – building your business.

  • Voice
  • Business Class Phone

    IP-enabled, feature-rich digital phone service with many calling plan options.


    Business Class PRI

    Scalable, IP-enabled trunk service for reliable, cost-effective communications.


We can work with you to develop hospitality solutions tailored to your business, including:


Providing an At-Home Experience for Your Guests

Guests are looking for a home away from home that includes HD TV programming. Our cost-effective solutions deliver reliable HD TV programming.

We offer a solution that supports Pro:Idiom encryption and connects directly with in-room HD TVs to offer guests the highest quality viewing experience. Pro:Idiom is also compatible with one of the industry’s largest on-demand video providers. Hotel guests have access to more than 60 HD TV channels and optional premium services.

Another solution combines set-back boxes with free on-demand video programming, an interactive program guide and more than 100 channels. We also offer a TV channel lineup designed specifically for bars and restaurants to allow your guests to watch their favorite programming throughout your property.

As with all our services, our HD Video for Hospitality solutions are delivered over our wholly owned, fiber-rich network for a clear digital or high-definition TV picture you can rely on.

Providing Anywhere Connectivity

An ever-expanding number of tablets, smartphones and other WiFi-enabled devices require reliable, secure and flexible bandwidth.

We provide your guests with high-speed Internet access over wired and wireless solutions throughout your property. Bandwidth speeds can be customized to your property’s needs and can be easily upgraded without disrupting your business.

Customizing Your Total Communications Solution

Managing your communications solutions need not be a hassle, whether you are have a single, individually owned hotel or multiple properties. We offer voice services that are configurable for the needs of each specific property and can be combined with video and Internet for a total technology solution.

With Time Warner Cable Business Class, you also get a dedicated account team for a single point of contact. We can consolidate all your services on one bill to improve purchase efficiency and simplify contract and account management.

Providing Crystal-Clear Connections and Cost Savings

Your guests and staff rely on dependable, clear voice connections to stay in touch with the office and the family. Our custom voice solutions run over our hybrid fiber coax network to deliver the reliability and crystal-clear phone connections that you and your guests are accustomed to—and cost savings that will help you stay competitive.

Connecting Properties and Headquarters

With our Internet and Ethernet technologies that run over our wholly owned network, we can help you create private networks and connect properties, offices and systems for reservations, procurement, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and more.





Planning for the New Network

With more than three out of four midsize companies now describing their business as being “network dependent,” network planning has become an operational make-or-break proposition


Fiber Helps the City of Cayce Meet the Evolving Needs of Both Citizens and Employees

Like many local governments, the City of Cayce has seen its workforce outgrow its City Hall building.


Business Partner Referral Program

As a referral partner, you can earn money by referring your tenants to Time Warner Cable Business Class.