Branch Office Connectivity

Branch Office Connectivity



It is critical that widespread retail operations can seamlessly and securely access and share information from executive offices to sales floors. Time Warner Cable Business Class Branch Office Solutions provide high-performance, high-bandwidth connectivity to support critical applications across multiple locations.

Our advanced, wholly owned fiber-rich IP network is completely independent from other telecom carriers and our self-healing fiber-ring topology protects your critical data and provides superior network availability and resiliency. Now you can provide dispersed offices and stores reliable access to data, resources and applications to help maximize uptime, streamline operations and enhance shopper experiences.


Key Features

  • Leverage our wholly owned network to ensure your offices and stores remain in business even when the telecom systems go down.

  • Reliably and securely use and share bandwidth-intensive applications and data to improve productivity.

  • Create a cohesive environment by providing offices and stores everywhere easy access to shared systems, resources and applications.